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Stav Strashko presents Hera Jewellery, in line with Swarovski's 2014 androgynous jewellery trend for 2014.
Stav Strashko presents Hera Jewellery, in line with Swarovski's 2014 androgynous jewellery trend for 2014.

4 Best Jewellery Trends for 2014

Swarovski Gems’ release of its annual Gem Visions report is sure to have tongues wagging as the company profiles jewellery trends for 2014 in a stunning collection of gemstones and jewellery design. 

Swarovski Gem Visions 2014
Swarovski Gem Visions 2014

“Conversation” is the chosen word to sum up the design and jewellery trends in the approaching year. Gem Visions 2014 is a collaborative report featuring design directions, themes and inspirations. The latest edition nurtures ingenious concepts and megatrends that are said to leave consumers with enigmatic, surreal, contemplative and tribal stories to tell.

The fashion-forward company has collaborated with jewellery experts, a historian and industry insiders to develop a clear direction and focus for 2014. As part of the project, jewellers from around the world have carefully matched colours, materials, gemstone cuts and Swarovski gems to the design directions of the forthcoming year. These jewellery pieces are featured throughout the publication. 

According to the company’s experts, the focus on gemstones remains and a renewed interest in traditional coloured stones such as rubies, sapphires and emeralds has generated creative expression and excitement.

Swarovski Gems’ style gurus have narrowed the Gem Visions 2014 trends into four categories: Allegoria, Cross Gender, Minimal East and Eldorado Remix.

Allegoria provokes the dark arts and mysticism. 

Cross Gender instigates a craze for pink, whereas, contrastingly Minimal East is Zen-driven.

Eldorado Remix pushes for ethnic influences as it celebrates a new golden age. 


Travel the themes


This is the most daring trend of 2014. Stemming from the word allegory, which is defined as “a representation of an abstract or spiritual meaning through concrete or material forms”, Allegoria is symbolic, ritualistic and sacred. The theme has a soul that conjures medieval and mythical spirits.  

The jewellery is allusive and sculptural with intricate details. Constructed around the beauty of geometry and primitive instincts, this collection encompasses ancient philosophies.

Contrastingly, the colours of stones used represent a modern sense, moving away from the gothic era. The palette includes, intense rust, fiery flame, shocking ultramarine blue and off white.


Cross Gender

Cross Gender reflects the ever-changing, multi-faceted and complex moods of today’s consumerism. It explores the resistance of stereotypes and mixes them to challenge conventions. Modern youth and its exciting energy fuel this trend. Cross Gender focuses on surrealism, ludicrous fantasy and the imagination of alternative universes.

The trend concentrates on gender fusion and futuristic visions and expectations.

Centered on strong pinks, Cross Gender also incorporates acid yellows, pale blues and pure whites.



Minimal East



The influence of Asia is the target for the contemporary, Zen-like trend of Minimal East. Asia’s preoccupation with ancient crafts and innovative technology drives this neo-minimalist trend. It is contemplative and re-examines the cultural roots of today’s rapidly transforming world.

Using soft, subtle tones such as grey-green, borealis greys, fresh jade greens and a startling hint of Chinese lacquer red, this trend direction is sophisticated and meticulous in style. 


Eldorado Remix

Uniting two southern countries, Brazil and South Africa, this trend links the modernity of Brazil and the African pride of South Africa. Vibrant, rich, tribal and spirited, Eldorado Remix meets and mingles tradition with contemporary ideals.

This trend celebrates the global stage by embracing African inspirations and mixing them with Brazilian styles and techniques.

Drawing on sculpture from ancient civilisations, and using provocative colours such as amethyst, turquoise, ruby and coral, these gemstones are mixed with earthy tones of brown and deep and bright green.


In summary

Swarovski Gems’ anticipates a bright, adventurous year ahead. The company is renowned at capturing moments and moods and combining them with shifting styles and trends. With its years of experience, Swarovski manages to be at the forefront of innovative jewellery designs and Gem Visions 2014 encapsulates this into one stunning publication.  



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Wednesday, 24 July, 2019 11:13am
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