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The jewellery box is made from theft-resistant materials and has an embedded GPS tracking unit
The jewellery box is made from theft-resistant materials and has an embedded GPS tracking unit

Innovation meets jewellery box

Recent thefts of expensive jewellery items at Cannes Film Festival have only highlighted what most jewellers already knew – transferring items from a safe location to temporary sites is fraught with danger.

But one modern day jewellery box has evolved into a security device that resists break-in and uses the latest GPS technology to locate its whereabouts should it be stolen.

German company Döttling has built a jewellery box from theft-resistant materials that also has an embedded GPS tracking unit. This gives jewellers, and consumers, added security in which to store and keep track of the box’s contents when travelling, visiting clients or at trade shows. 

Charlotte Simon from Vendome, the Australian distributors for Döttling, said sales in Australia/New Zealand had exceeded the company’s expectations.

She told Jeweller: “We believe Döttling is the only company to produce a fully-secure GPS-enabled portable safe.”

Simon added that the safes were popular among consumers and jewellers.

The jewellery box is designed to fit within a number of Döttling safes that have docking stations to provide constant power to the box’s transmitter to make sure the device is always charged and ready for travel, Simon said.

The standard portable jewellery case measures 21 x 20 x 26.5cm but can be custom-designed. 

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Wednesday, 21 August, 2019 06:13am
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