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The Polling Booth

How would you control a disgruntled customer? Would you stick to your guns?
How would you control a disgruntled customer? Would you stick to your guns?

The Polling Booth: Would you stick to your guns?

Would you, in fear of social media backlash, provide compensation to a disgruntled customer even if they were in the wrong?
Social media has become a very powerful medium, for better or worse. While it’s an inexpensive and efficient marketing and communication tool for business, social media has just as many negatives as it does positives. 

For example, some businesses have become concerned about receiving a consumer backlash to their activities, and in some cases decision-making is affected by the thought of an attack on Facebook over customer disagreements. 

Jeweller is undertaking a quick poll on whether social media plays a part in your decisions. 


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I voted no, but would like to clarify that there are very few situations I would go head to head with a customer, regardless of right or wrong. For the sake of a repair worth $20 - $30 (as is the case in the majority of instances), suck it up, resolve to the customers liking, and avoid an ongoing conflict. Mostly these situations are rare, and if they are regular, you may have bigger problems than social media.
posted by Lisa Robertson on June 18, 2013 11:48

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Tuesday, 15 October, 2019 05:07pm
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