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Sean Connery (aka James Bond) wearing the famous watch
Sean Connery (aka James Bond) wearing the famous watch

Hollywood legends’ watches fetch high prices

A watch purchased at a car boot sale for about US$30 (A$33) and later identified as the timepiece worn by James Bond in the movie Thunderball has sold for US$160,175 (about A$175,000). 

The Breitling Top Time watch, part of Christie’s Pop Culture auction, was made in 1962 and modified by the James Bond movie art department for the 1965 film starring Sean Connery. It was the only one of its kind used in the movie.

The Breitling Top Time watch
The Breitling Top Time watch
According to reports, the timepiece was the first to be customised by the famous "Q Branch" and is equipped with a fictional Geiger counter, which in the movie detects the emission of nuclear radiation.

The Top Time watch was estimated to sell for between US$61,000 (A$66,700) and US$90,000 (A$98,400), but almost doubled that forecast.

Another timepiece – with Hollywood connections – that recently exceeded auction sale expectations was a pocket watch once owned by legendary actor James Dean. 

The item was made by American watchmaker Standard USA and sold for US$41,898 (about A$46,000) at an Antiquorum auction in Hong Kong. The figure quadrupled the pre-sale estimate of US$10,000 (about A$11,000).

The 37mm, circa 1889 timepiece features an American-made Elgin movement and a gold-filled case with an engine-turned back. It also has a cartouche with the initials “JD” engraved on the front cover. 

Media reports suggested that Dean purchased the watch in late 1951 while still a struggling actor working in New York. Dean considered the watch his good luck charm and wore it while performing in TV and plays.

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Tuesday, 21 May, 2019 12:42am
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