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Should 4C's now become 6?
Should 4C's now become 6?

Selling the 4C's or is it now 6C's?

How are your diamond jewellery sales at the moment and could they do with an uplift? Have your selling methods changed with the times? 

In a tough retail climate where competition is growing fiercer by the day, jewellers are looking to create a point of difference by rehashing traditional sales tools, like adding an extra 'C' to the ubiquitous 4 Cs, in the hope it will set them apart. What are these new Cs, and can they affect your business? 

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This month's issue

The two faces of men's watches

Fashion-forward timepieces abound this season but a return to classic styles is also emerging. Jeff Salton investigates men’s attitudes to watches and how it will affect what retailers stock this season. Read more. 

Selling the four, or is it six, C's

The ubiquitous 4Cs of diamond marketing have today been expanded to number five, six or even more Cs. What are these new Cs, and can they affect your business? Nick Lord reports. Read more. 

Using your body (language) to make sales

The ability to read and use body language can help a salesperson discern whether a customer is ready to buy or ready to walk, according to international body language expert Allan Pease. Read more. 

Time for a sales force detox

It’s way too easy to allow a dysfunctional sales team and a toxic culture to take hold at your workplace. Sue Barrett says to detox before your business suffers the consequences. Read more. 

Reordering the right way raises revenue

Retailers who ignore their fast-selling items risk failing to reorder in time, and failing to reorder spells doom for any business. David Brown delivers a timely reminder. Read more.

Converting hits into home runs

Jewellery businesses with websites should be making the effort to capture the details of every online visitor, Tony and Leanne Argyle suggest it might be easier than first thought. Read more. 

Time to face some Facebook facts

Facebook has undergone numerous updates and guideline amendments in 2013. Emily Mobbs finds many of these changes affect business pages and explains why it’s important for users to keep informed. Read more. 

Side-effects of Glass-filled sapphires

A new method of enhancing sapphire is emerging that makes great-looking sapphire more affordable, but jewellers should be aware of side-effects. FGAA’s Megan Austin discusses. Read more. 

Free storage ain’t what it used to be

Many manufacturing jewellers like me use CAD/casting companies to create professional designs and moulds for our jewellery. Read more. 

Peridot: the gem of light

Peridot is a gem-quality form of the mineral olivine, a name given to a mineral series with the two end members being iron-rich fayalite and magnesium-rich forsterite. Read more.

Halo Sleepers - Oro Bello

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