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The man raided the exhibition, escaping with jewellery and watches
The man raided the exhibition, escaping with jewellery and watches

$150 million jewellery heist

For the third time this year, Cannes has featured as the location of a major jewellery robbery, this time to the tune of EUR103 million (A$149m), also making it one of the world’s largest jewellery thefts.

Authorities had initially estimated the heist was worth EUR40 million (A$57m), but after an inventory of the exhibition, the figure was revised up to EUR103 million. 

At around noon on Sunday 28 July (local time) a lone gunman, wearing a baseball cap with his face hidden by a bandana or scarf, walked into the prestigious Carlton Intercontinental Hotel through the front entrance. He then raided the “Extraordinary Diamonds” exhibition, escaping with jewellery and watches that he loaded into a briefcase.

The hotel on the French Riviera was hosting the temporary exhibition, which showcased jewellery from diamond manufacturer Leviev, over the European summer. Leviev, owned by Israeli billionaire Lev Leviev, has retail stores in London, New York, Dubai and Singapore. It also reportedly owns diamond mines in Russia and Africa.

The valuable pieces were to be on public display until the end of August. It was not clear immediately how many were stolen or how security was breached.

This is the third major jewellery heist this year to take place at Cannes, the city renowned for its prestigious film festivals. As reported previously by Jeweller, jewellery valued at $1.5 million was stolen from a Swiss jeweller in May and later in the same week a diamond necklace valued at $2.8 million was snatched.

Coincidentally, the Carlton Intercontinental features in the classic Hitchcock movie, To Catch A Thief, about a retired jewellery thief.
Some sources have linked the daring style of the recent theft to that of the infamous Pink Panthers gang, responsible for many daylight jewellery thefts.

In recent months, police allege three members of the gang have escaped from Swiss prisons.

As yet, neither the jewellery from the latest heist nor any suspects have been found.

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Sunday, 21 July, 2019 04:48pm
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