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Ideally, jewellers should be creating their own quality content for digital channels
Ideally, jewellers should be creating their own quality content for digital channels

New rules of (online) engagement

While jewellers may have mastered how to successfully engage with customers offline, the digital sphere is a whole other ball game. Emily Mobbs says don’t get trapped into making a social media faux pas.    
Having an online presence is arguably now an essential marketing strategy for jewellery retailers and suppliers. Customers thrive on connection through digital channels, and any business that chooses to ignore this phenomenon does so at its own risk.

Digital marketing, even with its short history, has like most new concepts, attracted a large degree of conflicting advice.

There are no hard and fast rules – and much will depend on what works for your business and audience – but industry experts believe there are definitely some social media “dos” and “don’ts” to follow if a business wants to maintain its hard-earned reputation.

Respond to criticism in a tactile manner
It’s not easy to deal with criticism from others, especially on an open public space like Facebook. A classic example of “what not to do” is the social media meltdown that the owners of a US-based bakery underwent earlier this year in response to criticism regarding their appearance on Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. The rant involved swearing at customers, calling them “stupid” and then attempting to cover it up the next day.

Needless to say, the eatery now has a tarnished reputation. This is an extreme case, but illustrates the damage that’s possible when responding to complaints. Perhaps a more effective way to handle such a matter would be to provide a quick and calm reply, with the intention to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

While on this note … don’t delete a comment just because it’s negative. Consider it as an opportunity to show how your business overcomes problems.

Cross-promote between  platforms

Using every digital platform available isn’t necessary but a small, targeted selection, like Facebook, Instagram and a blog, will assist in increasing awareness and engagement. Asking questions like, “who is my customer?” and, “what types of social media are they using?” can help determine those networks that will be most beneficial to your business.

The next step is to ensure that the selected channels are cross-promoted, for example making your blog readers aware that you also have Facebook and Instagram accounts by providing links in the top banner of the page. Also don’t forget to promote your social media networks on emails and e-newsletters. By doing this, a business stands a better chance of engaging with a broader range of existing and potential customers.  

Share personal stories   

When putting together a list of content ideas for e-newsletters, social media, or a blog, keep in mind that the aim is to get customers excited about your jewellery offering. One of the best ways to do this is by posting personal material about happenings in your business. Documenting store events, buying trips and the process of manufacturing a jewellery item will put a human face on a business’ branding, creating interest and potential sales. 

Don’t plagiarise
Ideally, jewellers should be creating their own quality content for digital channels but occasionally you may want to use information from other sources like posts, websites and articles. It’s okay to use third-party content but make sure the work is attributed to the source with a hyperlink.

Pay attention to analytics
Many social media networks provide access to web analytics tools – and the good news is they’re relatively simple to use. These services provide invaluable information like which posts and promotions are popular and the demographic breakdown of your audience. Businesses should be focused on building relationships with legitimate potential and existing customers, and this type of data will help achieve that goal.

Provide calls-to-action (in small doses)

Posting calls-to-actions on digital networks is a good way to gain sales leads. The process works by offering something of “value” like a complimentary jewellery check and clean in exchange for a person’s contact details. The dilemma is that some experts are suggesting that businesses include a call-to-action in every new post.

An article on Social Media Today states that calls-to-actions are currently bombarding social media pages and audiences will soon become tired of the concept. Why not place one call-to-action on the main page – or cover photo - of your digital platforms and then promote it once or twice in a month?

Bonus tips for added engagement
1.    Post four to five times a week (not every day)
2.    Ensure your page settings allow fans to tag themselves in photos and post their own content

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