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The stainless steel ring uses 24-hour time
The stainless steel ring uses 24-hour time

Is now the time for a finger watch?

As technology giants fight to convince consumers to replace traditional wrist watches with smartwatches, a start-up company has bypassed the wrist altogether and invented a watch that can be worn like a ring.

Amidst all the speculation about an iWatch, and Samsung beating Apple into the smartwatch market, we might soon see a watch for your finger.

While the term “clock” may not be the best product description, as the name suggests, the Ring Clock combines two traditional types of jewellery into one technological piece, placing time at your fingertips, literally.

This latest evolution should come as no surprise given that personal timepieces started as pocket watches, then became wrist watches, more recently becoming smartwatches and now, if designer Gusztav Szikszai has his way, a finger watch.

Szikszai and his team are hoping to raise US$287,000 from crowdfunding website Indiegogo. The amount of funding the inventors have received (about $200,000 of a required $290,000 for full production) is an indication of the positive impact the product has made on consumers.

While only in its development stage, the Ring Clock is said to be made from stainless steel, has a non-replaceable rechargeable battery, LED backlit time indicators in 24-hour mode and can be recharged wirelessly. It is water-resistant and comes in two LED colours, blue and orange.

Since its initial design the group is said to have been fine-tuning the technology.

The Ring Clock is expected to retail for around US$250 (A$270). No firm release date has been issued.

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Monday, 26 August, 2019 10:54am
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