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The jewellery line will feature banner band rings and shield necklaces
The jewellery line will feature banner band rings and shield necklaces

Game of Thrones jewellery range announced

A Canadian jeweller has formed an alliance with American television network HBO to design a line of Game of Thrones inspired jewellery made from sterling silver and bronze.
Canadian jewellery brand Pyrrha is set to launch a collection of rings and necklaces featuring symbols of the several noble houses that appear in HBO's Game of Thrones' fantasy land Westeros. 
Westeros is one of two fictional continents in the popular television show that was adapted from American author George R. R. Martin's series of fantasy novels A Song of Ice and Fire, and is home to the families of Taragaryen, Stark, Baratheon, Tyrell, Lannister and Greyjoy. 
The jewellery range will showcase interpretations of the families' signet heraldry and feature banner band rings and shield necklaces.
Pyrrha is renowned for handmade jewellery and talismans using antique wax seals. The Vancouver-based jeweller has confirmed an ongoing partnership with HBO where additional pieces and designs will be released. The jewellery will be available to purchase on its website and across 300 retailers worldwide that carry the brand. It will also be available on HBO’s online store. 
Alongside the official HBO collection, craft website also boasts designs by hobbyist jewellers, with more than 5,900 Game of Thrones related listings. Designs span from dragon egg pendants and king’s hand brooches to A Song of Ice and Fire pendants.
This is not the first time jewellery has been inspired by the fantasy genre. The Hunger Games trilogy also inspired a large group of hobbyist jewellers creating jewellery pieces for dedicated fans. 
The television series first aired in 2011. The fourth season of Game of Thrones will begin Tuesday 6 April. 
Image credit: Sasha Vinogradova


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Wednesday, 24 July, 2019 01:57am
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