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Euro Brands: Vostok- Europe Watches

Vostok-Europe watches represent an unprecedented alliance of Eastern European and Russian timekeeping. By combining the watch-producing team in Vilnius, Lithuania with the largest Russian watch manufacturer Vostok the result is a unique fusion of tradition, innovation and cost-effective style. With each model celebrating a Russian or Soviet technical or cultural achievement, Vostok-Europe watches have been exciting the watch world since 2003.
What is the brand’s philosophy?
For going to extremes! Based in Vilnius, Lithuania, Vostok-Europe fuses two of the most exciting elements in the watch industry today – a great story attached to each model and a construction designed for the most extreme activities.

Vostok-Europe watches are built to withstand the most rigorous conditions – from deep-sea diving to space explorations. Each watch is also inspired by a Soviet achievement in engineering or exploration, so these timepieces don’t just tell the time – they also tell a story.
A number of the watches also utilise the constant illumination technology of Swiss tritium tubes.

How does this philosophy work in the Australian and New Zealand markets?
Ken Abbott, managing director Timesupply
Ken Abbott, managing director Timesupply
Going to extremes is what Australians and New Zealanders do; they play sport, swim, dive, sail, fly, race and explore. Whatever the wearer’s sport or activity, Vostok-Europe has a watch to handle it. These are genuine hard-working, hard-playing timepieces.

What are the differences between the Australian and New Zealand markets and the brand’s market of origin?
The Australian market is less aware of Soviet design and its technical achievements. I also believe that Australians expect a lot from their watches and will work them hard. Vostok-Europe watches are designed to perform under all kinds of conditions, and have proven this through testing in various extreme conditions.

How many stockists do you have across Australia and New Zealand?
18 and climbing fast.

How do you account for the brand’s success in Australia and New Zealand?
There is nothing in either the Australian or New Zealand markets like Vostok-Europe – there is definitely a buzz around this brand. It stirs emotion, allowing the wearer to become a part of a story and part of the excitement. These are genuine hard-working adventure watches with great features and very competitive price points.

What is the brand’s most successful/innovative marketing campaign?

“The sky is no longer the limit”, featuring brand ambassador and Unlimited Aerobatics world champion Jurgis Kairys. The Lunokhod model’s “Tested in space” campaign was also very innovative and successful. The watch was sent into the stratosphere to a maximum height of 16,680 m and was working in conditions of -44 degrees Celsius, 88 millibars of vacuum and 1,200 microroentgens per hour of radiation level.

What have been some major achievements/milestones for the brand?
The brand was first introduced at BaselWorld in 2004, and by 2007, it had been sold in 32 countries. In 2009, we introduced tritium illumination by Swiss company Mb-microtec. The brand has also been tested to extremes over the years: the Vostok-Europe Anchar and Expedition watches were tested at the gruelling Dakar Rally and the Vostok-Europe N1 Rocket watches were worn into the deepest cave on earth in 2012, with the Lunokhod model tested in space the following year. The brand’s introduction to the Australian and New Zealand markets in 2013 was another milestone, and this year, we are celebrating the company’s 10-year anniversary with the release of a limited-edition mechanical automatic chronograph.

What are the benefits for retailers stocking your brand?
These dynamic watches have a huge underground following and will entice customers into stores. The eye-catching ultraviolet-lit point-of-sale display showcases the tritium illumination, creating interest and excitement and making the sale a much simpler process. The watches are also of an excellent build quality and offer reliability with excellent post-sales service.

How should retailers use your brand to improve their overall business?
This brand will give men more reason to enter the business, providing retailers with an opportunity to upsell additional items for their girlfriend or wife.

What’s next for the brand?
We have just released the new Lunokhod-2 rugged adventurer’s watches in either quartz chronograph or mechanical. Each watch features vertical tritium illumination, water resistance up to 300 m, a helium release valve, and is presented in a special dry box with a spare strap. The Vostok-Europe brand will also continue to be promoted through sporting pursuits and brand ambassadors.

Favourite product from the collection?
The Anchar Titanium Automatic model, which features a large (48.5 mm) rugged but lightweight titanium case, water resistance up to 300 m, the amazing Swiss tritium illumination, and which is presented in a special dry box that is both shock and water resistant. It also comes with two straps – leather or silicone – a tool to change straps, and is available in red, orange and green.

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