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Suppliers are offering retailers pre-made packages for promotion
Suppliers are offering retailers pre-made packages for promotion

The whole bridal kit and caboodle

The bridal market continues to play a vital role for many – if not all – jewellery businesses. It’s also one of the most competitive, meaning retailers need to ensure they’re attracting consumers with points of difference and expert knowledge.

Fortunately, suppliers are helping retailers do just that by offering a host of in-store point of sale (POS) display kit options. 

There are pre-made and customised packages, kits that use sample rings and ones that incorporate existing stock, those that leverage a renowned ring brand and some that encourage the promotion of a store’s own trademark...the list goes on.

Here, Jeweller has compiled a snapshot of what’s on offer. The challenge now is finding your perfect match.

Palloys Group

What’s included? The POS stand is available in two sizes with either a counter-top or in-counter option. It holds display areas and small wedding ring fixtures for around 15–20 rings and bangles. Retailers can customise their own range from the wedding bands included in the AGS Metals and PJW offering. In addition, 10 complimentary classic masters in plated base metal are provided. Stands, delivery and branding is free.

Branded vs non-branded: The offering – including stand, rings and masters – is customised and branded for individual stores.

Additional services: Customised branded window and counter POS displays. The company will also refine and credit excess inventory.

Point of difference: It provides retailers with an opportunity to produce and sell their own brand of wedding rings.

Consumer bridal fairs: The counter-top option is small enough to be used when exhibiting at consumer bridal fairs (or other out-of-store events). It packs down flat and is made of high-grade wood and additions, making it easily transportable.

Peter W Beck

What’s included? A number of display and tray options as well as POS material is available, with the supplier creating a solution to suit individual retailer demands. Made-to-order wedding rings and plated base metal samples can be used in store.

Branded vs non-branded: Peter W Beck-branded as well as customised store-branded options are offered. 

Additional services: Regular updated quotes plus over-the-phone quotes and an online quoting website, marketing support and customisation, express delivery, urgent order requests and engraving.

Point of difference: The supplier specialises in wedding rings for both men and women, with a large range of matched sets also available. This provides retailers with the opportunity to sell two rings in one sale. In addition, all wedding bands are made to order.

Consumer bridal fairs: An additional kit is available for retailers to use while attending consumer bridal exhibitions or hosting one-off in-store events. The package includes “everything you might need for the day,” removing the need to use anything from the store. The display includes men’s and women’s 9-carat wedding rings and POS material. Branded and non-branded options are available.

Bolton Gems

What’s included? The Allura Jewellery collection, which uses Eternity diamonds and coloured gemstones, is complemented by tailor-made packages that include a window/counter stand, polishing cloth, framed four C’s chart, Allura brand book, staff training DVD, free ring cleaning vouchers and Eternity brochures. Packages can be made for engagement and wedding rings.

Branded vs non-branded: Retailers can add store branding and information to brochures and banners if desired.

Additional services: Engraving is offered for not only the ring but also the diamond.

Point of difference: Sales representatives and a marketing team will work with retailers to create a package suitable for their store. Staff training is also available.

Consumer bridal fairs: All display material is appropriate for use when exhibiting at consumer bridal fairs.

Worth & Douglas

What’s included? Retailers can customise their own kits, choosing from a range of classic wedding bands, women’s diamond eternities, men’s two-toned, patterned or stone-set rings and engagement rings. The pieces are available in sterling silver, yellow or rose gold-plated, rhodium-plated and set with cubic zirconia. Catalogues, posters and brochures are also provided.

Branded vs non-branded: W&D-branded as well as customised store-branded options are available.

Additional services: When placing a customised order, an engraving service is offered at no extra charge. The supplier also promises a quick turn-around time.

Point of difference: Offering both wedding and engagement rings allows retailers to easily source engagement rings with matching wedders. All bands can be customised to meet consumer demands. Retailers can also obtain instant quotes in most metals and diamond grades using a trade-only website.

Consumer bridal fairs: Additional ranges of high-grade plated samples are available for use at consumer bridal events.

Twin Plaza Metals

What’s included? The display box has 67 rings, which are brass nickel-plated (giving off the appearance of 18-carat white gold). The offering includes a combination of popular plain style wedding rings as well as a few best-selling diamond-cut styles. The bands come in a variety of finishes, widths and finger sizes. All rings are lasered with the code and dimensions for easy ordering.

Branded vs non-branded: The box has a small Twin Plaza logo, but all rings can be supplied with the retailer’s brand.

Additional services: An engraved fingerprint option is available, where a person’s fingerprint is lasered on the inside or outside of the ring, as well as traditional engraving.

Point of difference: By providing a large cross-section of rings, the retailer doesn’t have to rely on showing consumers pictures or catalogues.

Consumer bridal fairs: The display box is also suitable for use at consumer bridal fairs because of its compact size.

Dora Wedding Rings

What’s included? The Dora wedding ring display kit consists of 50 sterling silver sample bands. The rings represent the brand’s best-selling styles in categories including white gold, titanium, two-tone and diamond-set.

Branded vs non-branded: The wedding ring package uses the well-known Dora brand.

Additional services: Free engraving and replacement for consumers if the ring becomes loose or tight.

Point of difference: Dora is a recognised brand that will bring customers into stores, and when this happens retailers will have a complete representation of the range 100 per cent of the time (as display rings cannot be sold to consumers).

Consumer bridal fairs: Should retailers decide not to use their own in-store sample range when exhibiting at a consumer bridal fair, the supplier will provide one on loan where possible.



What’s included? The display stand includes 32 wedding ring samples, with a combination of white and yellow gold-plated and diamond set bands. Mini catalogues and POS posters are also provided.

Branded vs non-branded: Both branded and non-branded – where retailers are able to place logos and codes inside rings – options are available.

Additional services: Engraving, custom design, free re-sizing and seven-day delivery is offered.

Point of difference: The kits, which are free for approved retailers, provide a comprehensive range with regular ring design updates. One option includes a mini LCD display that plays or shuffles images and videos.

Consumer bridal fairs: For retailers exhibiting at consumer bridal events, TWM Co has a show display stand (6x3 m) available on loan
free of charge.

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