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Interview with Chemgold's Darren Sher


Strengths and unique selling points?
Chemgold’s strengths lie in its exceptional quality and service in casting and CAD/CAM. Our team of precious metal specialists and engineers use the most advanced casting and 3D printing technology to achieve the best result for our customers. We offer the smoothest CAD surface in the industry using DigitalWax technology, which produces resin via laser steriolithography as opposed to traditional “wax” printing.

This saves the jeweller time when cleaning the casting as there is no stepping or lines to remove. Chemgold offers reliability and experience in CAD/CAM, casting all alloys – including silver, gold, palladium and platinum – five days per week.

What is the typical turnaround time?
Chemgold guarantees that customers will receive images for approval in 2-4 working days [depending on the design] and castings approximately 2 working days after the design is approved or the file has been sent. With an expanded design team we can accommodate our customers with designs required within 24 hours. 

What can affect this timing?
Timing could be affected if the customer modifies the design before it has been approved to be printed and cast.

What formats does your software accept?
Chemgold can accept and work with files such as 3DM, JCD, VTF, STL, SLC, as well as other popular formats. We also analyse the integrity of the design to ensure it will be suitable for casting.

What assistance is there for designers?
Our CAD designers are highly qualified in jewellery and can draw custom-made designs from a sketch, photo or idea. A critical aspect of CAD is communication, and we assist our customers with this by using our Custom Design Form – a checklist for key information needed for the designs. This prevents delays in obtaining dimensions, ensuring our goal of providing exactly what our customers require the first time.

We also provide a comprehensive design collection called JewelMounts, which makes the process simpler, quicker and more affordable.

Will you accept and work with client-supplied resin/wax models?
We have been casting from wax models for more than 28 years and perfected the burn-out process, casting from resin models in silver, gold, palladium and platinum. There are certain resins that are not suitable for the casting process and we would advise our clients accordingly.

With the advent of new printers can you work with a client to establish the correct casting procedures for their particular model?
We recommend clients follow the procedures set out by the manufacturer of the printer.

Is the client’s model secure, or can it be resold to, or be reused by, other clients?
The customer’s model is 100 per cent secure for their exclusive use. We have built a reputation for honesty and integrity over the past 28 years.

A unique serial number is created for each design produced and stored for each client. Protecting the intellectual property of our client’s designs is extremely important, which is supported by a considerable investment in the security measures followed in the company.

Do you have a return policy for porous or incomplete products?
We have a reputation for producing excellent quality. Our customers’ success is ours and if the product is faulty we will make it a priority to re-produce it immediately. We have found that our new technology , along with a consistent investment in systems and research and development has made the quality of our products more reliable than ever before.

Do you have print-only services so clients can cast themselves?
Customers can print and receive a wax only, although generally they prefer that we cast their designs.

Do you offer in-house completion so that non-bench jeweller CAD designers can expect a finished product?
Yes, we offer a complete one-stop shop for CAD/CAM – from designing, printing, casting, moulds to finishing and setting the final piece. Our customers are assured of having an Australian–manufactured, quality product at a reasonable price.

How has CAD/CAM changed the jewellery industry?
In Australia, where labour is very expensive, it has been a great help in enabling jewellers to achieve more with fewer resources. An increasing number of jewellers have invested in the CAD software themselves, and it has proven to be an incredibly helpful tool to show their customers how the new technology can help produce their desired piece. CAD/CAM has actually brought more manufacturing back into Australia; it provides the jeweller/retailer with additional assistance in manufacturing without the need to increase fixed costs in staff or inventory. It also helps jewellers to sell and promote customised jewellery, such as our JewelMount catalogue.

How is CAD/CAM likely to further evolve?
To remain competitive, most jewellers will need to embrace CAD/CAM by outsourcing the design aspect of their business and learn to use the software themselves. Chemgold will soon launch Irix Digital Stone material – a ceramic-like material that can be combined with different alloys to produce amazing designs in a wide range of colours. We also see machines becoming faster, and direct precious metal printing continuing to be developed, but currently the surface finish needs improving and it is too capital-intensive to run.

Strengths and unique selling points?

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