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Interview with Facet RP's Craig Long


When was this introduced to Australia?
For the record, Facet introduced CAD/CAM to the Australian jewellery industry in 1999 and at that time many thought it was “witchcraft” and wouldn’t be successful. We disagreed and the rest is history.

What are the benefits to users?
The entire process can be done in-house, greatly reducing the costs associated with production time and securing greater control. Printing in-house affords the opportunity to analyse a three-dimensional proof of the work before casting and it also protects your own designs.

Strengths and unique selling points?
Solidscape machines undoubtedly have the best surface finish available, contrary to some misleading claims out in the market (send us a file and compare). Also the wax used is fully castable and has 99.5 per cent burnout capabilities.

How is it cost effective?
Apart from the initial outlay for the machine, there will be a wax cost of around $4 for an average ring. The other thing is if you are using a wax printing bureau, the cost of 4-5 prints per week will pay for the machine if you have leased one. As for the bench side of things, the custom work and small-run production can be priced competitively with mass-produced pieces.

Jewellers can markedly increase productive output by spending less time on the bench to create a piece of jewellery. They can also design in lower price points, which used to be difficult because the price included the cost of making the master pattern.

Is there a local training resource and local technical support?
The price of a machine includes onsite installation and training, also free phone support by one of our technicians.

What is the typical learning curve?
The training that comes with the machine is for two days, which is well and truly enough time to learn how to use the machine, but in saying that we provide free phone support if you have any further questions.

Are there ongoing service fees?
Solidscape provides a one year warranty on their machines, giving the customer piece of mind, so all you have to pay for is the consumables eg., wax.

Is there a demo version or trial period so users can test for themselves?
No, but we can provide free test waxes to see the quality Solidscape machines produce.

When was this introduced to Australia?

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