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Interview with House of Stratton's Alan Stratton


Strengths and unique selling points?
Our software was recently launched in Australasia and it offers hybrid modelling, parametrics, and a constraint/relation system to lock down parts, dimensions, etc. It allows for history-based or non-history based design work with direct editing. Users can also work on the surfaces of solids with Booleans, and have the added benefit of seamless dress-up features that save time.

A history playback recorder with editing is also available. A new addition in 2014 has been the functionality to freeze history and speed up design changes.

What is the typical turnaround time for creations?
Turnaround time varies from less than a minute to hours depending on the design.

What can affect this timing?
The main thing affecting timing is the complexity of the design. Basics designs can take seconds, whereas very ornate designs will take more time.

What formats does your software accept?
It accepts all necessary formats for the jewellery industry as well as engineering formats if needed.

What assistance is there for designers?
Weekly webinars, online tutorials, email support, private training, and private group training are all available to show users how to create and properly make fine jewellery.

Is the client’s model secure, or can it be resold to, or be reused by, other clients?
If the file is sold to other jewellery designers the file can be reused, remodelled or any other items can be altered to suit their client with ease because of the history aspect of this unique program. But unless the jewellery designer sells the file onto another person it is totally safe. The program allows the designer to change the existing file to any other client’s specifications.

Do you offer in-house completion so that non-bench jeweller CAD designers can expect a finished product?
Yes we can take the file from the start to a completed product.

How is it cost effective?
Being a new product the price for the quality of the program is superb. Jewelry Cad Dream is extremely powerful software comparable to Auto Desk at the price of lower end Jewellery Cad software.

What is the typical learning curve?
If you set your mind to learning this program you will have your first item within one week.

Strengths and unique selling points?

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