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Interview with Tok Bros' Abraham Tok


Strengths and unique selling points?
We are a genuine one-stop-shop when it comes to making jewellery. From concept to creation, every step is completed in-house in our Sydney CBD workshop.

What is the typical turnaround time for creations?
CAD drawings can be out to a client within one to three days of placing an order. Wax prints are out within one to two days of confirming an order and finished products can be done within one to two weeks.

What can affect this timing?
Seasonal trends can extend production times by a few days. The complexity of the job can also affect timing.

What formats does your software accept?
We currently accept JewelCAD, Rhino and Matrix files, but we are always looking to adapt our software to accept other formats.

What assistance is there for designers?
We provide all services from design through to completion. In addition, our in-house National Council of Jewellery Valuers (NCJV) registered valuer can provide clients with an independent valuation appraisal, and we have a full-time in-house gemmologist that can assist with sourcing and supplying gemstones (precious, semi-precious and calibrated diamond sizes).

Is the client’s model secure, or can it be resold to, or be reused by, other clients?
The customer’s model is 100 per cent secure. The models we create for clients cannot, and will not be resold or reused
by others.

Do you offer in-house completion so that non-bench jeweller CAD designers can expect a finished product?
This is what we specialise in! We are one of the very few places in Australia that are able to offer this service, producing the highest quality finished products at very competitive prices – and all under the one roof.

We are able to design an item on CAD, print the wax, cast it in any precious metal, have our team of bench jewellers professionally clean and assemble it, and have our setters carefully set any gemstones. We can professionally polish and plate the item too.

How has CAD/CAM changed the jewellery industry?
It has made production of jewellery faster, cleaner and more precise than ever before. CAD/CAM allows us to create items that were never previously possible at reasonable prices and with great precision. It also helps clients to create a custom-made item with minimal fuss.

Strengths and unique selling points?

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Tuesday, 14 July, 2020 03:06am
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