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Creating an ‘About’ page that converts sales

One of the most important areas on any website is the “About” page. ARUN SIVASHANKARAN reports on how jewellers can optimise this space to generate engagement and establish a relationship with potential customers.

There are many jewellers who feel the internet is the single biggest threat to retail growth these days.

As easy as it sounds, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about optimising an “about” page in order to increase sales and build customer support.

An effective ”About” page is both visually appealing and substantive.

This page provides the opportunity to engage, inform and inspire visitors of a business’ goals, core values and ways it can address potential customers’ needs.

Harnessing the following five principles to create a stronger ”About” page will help a business build a solid, loyal customer base.

Shift focus from ‘we’ to ‘you’

"About” pages tend to focus on the business’ skills and include all the bells and whistles that make that business special.

This glowing praise is great in small doses but it doesn’t necessarily read well for potential customers. It may lead to consumers wondering just where they fit into the picture and that’s any business’ first mistake: they put themselves before the needs of their customer.

Instead of showcasing attributes, use ”framing” to alter the way statements and questions are phrased.

The framing effect is a psychology term relating to how people react to a particular choice depending on how it is presented.

Include statements and statistics that praise a business’ skills and assets but put a different spin on those skills.

Shift the focus from what the business does to what it can do for the customer.

Online retailer Blue Nile, for example, has a great line on its “about us” page that says, “The company is built on a unique idea: choosing an engagement ring doesn’t have to be complicated.”

State the value propositions

"About” pages are often ambiguous when it comes to presenting core values and beliefs.

Consequently, they come across as blatant advertising, only concerned about making a profit.

Do not become a business that does not explicitly state core values and beliefs.

Doing so provides a great opportunity to showcase the goals and services of the business while demonstrating to visitors that there is a solid foundation and precedence.

Incorporate storytelling

Have an ”About” page that has something to say. Research shows that people are more likely to make a decision based on their emotions. Incorporate emotional storytelling to create a strong bond with potential customers.

If you have a unique business name or a great story that lead to its success, don’t be afraid to share it.

The key is to generate copy that engages visitors to read on.

American healthcare company Highmark Blue Shield’s "About” page, entitled “Discover”, talks about the benefits of Medicare. Through six unique stories, Highmark paints a picture of how the company can attend to the individual needs of clients.

Why not take inspiration from this and ask a couple of loyal customers to share their in-store experiences on the store’s website?

“This page provides the opportunity to engage, inform and inspire visitors of a business’ goals, core values and ways it can address customers’ needs”

Their anecdotes will help create an emotional connection while also making the copy relatable to visitors.

Take the next step

Don’t create an "About” page that ignores the visitors’ interests – they’ve invested enough time into learning about the business and how it can benefit them.

Instead, guide visitors towards the next logical action.

By utilising a strong call to action, a business has the opportunity to take that visitor’s hand and lead them to their next step – meaning potential customers won’t be lost because they were bored or overwhelmed by the amount of information on the page.

An example might be to offer a downloadable information kit about caring for pearls in exchange for some basic personal details.

Keep it simple

It may be obvious, but keep an "About” page simple.

Overwhelming visitors with images, excessive content and trivial nonsense does not flatter the page and will deter potential customers from weeding through the information provided.

Less is often more when it comes to making a point so don’t be afraid of “white space.”

Piecing the copy into small, manageable chunks will also assist readers to absorb more information.

Consider these five principles when creating an effective "About” page. If in doubt, visualise the customers’ needs and aim to speak in a language that addresses those needs.

Arun Sivashankaran

Arun Sivashankaran is the founder of conversion rate optimisation company FunnelEnvy.

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