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2014 Sydney Jewellery Fair Stand B22





1. If you’re searching for the perfect mix of elegance and trendiness, then look no further – the Ice-Glam Pastel will seduce for sure.

2. Or alternatively, the Ice-Polo collection is a new line with a versatile look that will accompany the wearer for activities, leisure or business. The elegant yet casual watch features a solid steel case and a nylon band with on-trend colours.


Product close up



Ice-watch Profile

Established in Belgium in 2007, Ice-Watch is now sold in nearly 100 different countries. The brand’s unique design comes in several models and colours, resulting in more than 500 different combinations. Bolt International is the Australian distributor for Ice-Watch, APM Monaco and Lola and Grace.


APM Monaco profile

APM Monaco is an international brand true to its European heritage with collections and designs inspired by Monaco and the South of France. The range is multi-tiered, chic, accessible, collectable and aspirational, with silver collections starting from $40 and gold collections from $200.


Lola and Grace Profile

Lola and Grace – a fresh new jewellery and accessories brand launched in 2012 – is the creation of the Swarovski group.

We offer fashion-forward jewellery with a strong mix-and-match character, suitable for all moments. Our qualitative yet affordable products are carefully crafted using Swarovski crystals. They complete the outfits of women with a zest for life and give them the confidence and optimism to go out, stand out, and make the moment.


Visit us at the fair

460 Hampton Street
VIC, Australia, 3188
Phone: 1300 765 990
Fax: 1300 765 991
Email: john@westendcollection.com.au
Web: www.ice-watch.com

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Tuesday, 07 July, 2020 01:33pm
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