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Source: Petite Grand
Source: Petite Grand

Fashion jewellery scene shakeup

Bold, statement pieces have dominated the fashion jewellery landscape for years but a completely different aesthetic is beginning to mark its territory and consumers are taking note. Are you?

The October issue of Jeweller has been mailed and features a comprehensive report on the latest jewellery trends expected to entice stylish fashionistas this season.

Speaking of enticing customers, this month we also investigate how retailers can leverage the ever-expanding men’s jewellery market. It appears that Aussie and Kiwi men are more accepting of jewellery than ever before.

Don’t miss our profile on the winners from this year’s JAA Australasian Design Awards as well as a wrap-up of the 2014 Sydney fair.

There's a whole lot more in October Jeweller, including plenty of useful advice that could help improve sales and profitability – particularly in the lead up to Christmas. Yes, Christmas is just around the corner and if you take David Brown’s advice you will begin preparing for the industry’s busiest trading period now!

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This month's issue

Baring it all for fashion

Bold, statement pieces have characterised the fashion jewellery scene for years but could a completely different design aesthetic change the landscape? Emily Mobbs investigates. Read more.


Sydney fair exceeds expectations

IJF Sydney is over again and exhibitors and visitors are calling the event a resounding success, a sentiment that has the industry feeling confident about the trading period ahead. Emily Mobbs reports. Read more.


Bling it on boys!

As the men’s jewellery market heats up, Emily Mobbs asks whether it’s time to re-evaluate the needs of male consumers. Read more.


JAA jewellery design award winners announced

The biennial JAA Australasian Jewellery Awards are renowned for bringing together the top design talents in Australia and New Zealand, and This year was no different. Here, Jeweller presents the 2014 winners. Read more.



Playing the personality game

Customers aren’t as different as they think they are. Rick Segel and Matthew Hudson discuss the main customer personalities and how staff can handle each for maximum success. Read more.

Managerial mistakes that matter

All sales teams make mistakes but what if it’s the sales manager who is causing these errors? Gretchen Gordon lists some common behavioural errors perpetrated by sales managers that directly affect sales. Read more.



December is coming

With Christmas almost here, David Brown believes it’s naive to take the trading period for granted. He says retailers should start their preparations for the silliest of seasons now. Read more.



The mass extinction of loyal customers

The customer experience is everything and retail Stores that can’t provide it will haemorrhage sales. What about consumer loyalty? Forget it. Loyalty is dead. Jeannie Walters reports. Read more.



Social selling: connect like never before

Social selling helps businesses cut through the awkward formality of customer communications. Hari Raghavan reports on how to form consumer relationships well before anyone enters a physical store. Read more.



Changing the game

Full disclaimer: I’m about to discuss what is probably the biggest taboo topic in the industry right now…but I promise there is no need to be alarmed. Read more.



the cat's eye

The French-named “oeil de chat” or “eye of the cat” is a powerful protective talisman said to ward off evil spirits and even improve night vision. Megan Austin explores this popular and unusual gemstone. Read more.



Opal: Australia's national gemstone

Australia is the world leader in opal production and produces 95 per cent of the precious gemstone. As such, opal is regarded Australia’s national gemstone. Read more.


Tuesday, 21 May, 2019 01:33am
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