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Disney-inspired engagement rings take the crown

Members of royalty, more specifically princesses, have long been a source of inspiration for jewellery design. But it appears real-life princesses are not the only muses, with one offering embracing the enchanted world of Disney.

Developed by US-based business Disney Engagement Rings, the collection includes engagement rings inspired by The Walt Disney Company’s Disney Princess franchise.

The pieces – many of which incorporate diamonds and coloured gemstones – have been designed with the intention of capturing the essence of 10 iconic princesses including (but not limited to) Snow White, Cinderella and Pocahontas.

Although fictional, these rings are not the first example of jewellery that has been inspired by royalty. Earlier this year, Jeweller reported on Grace Kelly’s favourite Cartier pieces that featured in the movie Grace of Monaco. These pieces played a central role in the film, indicating the importance that jewellery played within the princess’s life.

Similarly, Princess Diana and the Duchess of Cambridge are both renowned for their sophisticated jewellery styles. Placed on the global stage, both women have been immersed in the monarch lifestyle and subsequently become trendsetters.

Given each Disney Princess character is associated with an epic love story, it seems only fitting that engagement rings were created to illustrate these fairytales.

According to the Disney Engagement Rings website, the rings are handcrafted and made to order using conflict-free gemstones. Each item is customisable and can be engraved with a special message.

Who knows, perhaps one of the rings below might be the “real world” equivalent to the glass slipper?


Snow White

Snow White, the original Disney Princess, has skin as white as snow, hair as black as ebony and lips as red as a rose. The design draws on nature and flower motifs that feature in the fairytale. A ruby surrounded by a floral arrangement of blue and yellow sapphires sits at the centre of the white gold ring.



Released in 1950, Cinderella was the second princess created by The Walt Disney Company. Forced to live a life of servitude to her evil stepmother, Cinderella is known for her intelligence and generosity. The ring captures these admirable traits through the two halos of aquamarine gemstones that surround the prong-set blue topaz. White sapphires also feature down the sides of the white gold band.



The third Disney Princess, Aurora starred in Sleeping Beauty in 1959. Described as a kind and shy character that is a hopeless romantic, Aurora boasts hair the colour of sunshine. This ring replicates her golden hair through the yellow gold band. Pink tourmaline and diamonds create an understated heart motif, embellishing the primary gemstone, a pink sapphire.



Ariel, from The Little Mermaid, is the fourth Disney Princess. Ariel is the princess who lives in a kingdom under the sea and is fascinated by the human world. Set in white gold, the ring features a ruby surrounded by two halos of amethyst with emeralds continuing down both sides. The split sides resemble Ariel’s fin while the colours of the gemstones represent her red hair, purple shell bra and green tail.



Seen on screen in 1991, Belle is the fifth Disney Princess from The Beauty and the Beast film that is based on a French fairytale. Belle’s ring features the yellow gold fleur-de-lis symbol of the French royal family, as well as rubies to mimic the red rose in the story alongside blue and yellow sapphires.



Jasmine is the sixth princess, and is featured in the story of Aladdin. After meeting Aladdin and embarking on his magic carpet, Jasmine marries him despite the fact he is not a prince. Set in white gold, two bezel-set sapphires are used to accent the blue topaz and double row of sapphires.



In 1995, the Pocahontas animation movie and seventh princess was born. Highly spiritual and very wise, Pocahontas is the Native American chief’s daughter. The ring replicates her spirituality and adventure. A lacy embellishment of rose gold adds a feminine touch to the red garnet and smokey quartz.



Mulan is the eighth princess featured in the self-titled 1998 film. Known to be courageous and determined, Mulan disguised herself as a male soldier. Based on the ornate chandeliers of an elaborate palace, this ring is white gold and features an emerald gemstone and two off-centre black diamonds.



The ninth Disney Princess, Tiana, stars in The Princess and the Frog. Hardworking and ambitious, Tiana is cast by a spell that turns her into a frog. The film incorporates a lotus flower as its main motif, which is depicted in this ring. Symbolising elegance and perfection, the lotus-inspired ring features green tourmaline and emeralds.



Even though Rapunzel’s tale has been around since the 1800s, she wasn’t added to the Disney Princess franchise until 2010 when the film Tangled was released. Born with long, golden hair, Rapunzel was stolen from her parents at a young age. Braided vines of yellow gold run through diamonds and pink tourmaline. However, the star of this ring is undoubtedly the stunning amethyst.


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