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Aussie brands: Interview with Steve der Bedrossian

Sams Group Australia

Brand: Pink Kimberley
Founded by: Steve der Bedrossian
Product categories: Pink diamond jewellery, diamond jewellery
Distributed by: Sams Group Australia
Other (Non-Australian) markets: New Zealand, China, Japan
Phone: 02 9290 2199


What is your brand’s philosophy? 
There seems to be a misconception among consumers that pink diamonds are out of their reach and so it’s our aim to educate the jewellery industry and general public that this isn’t always the case. While prices for these highly-prized stones continue to increase, we endeavor to provide an offering that is attainable for all. It’s also our aim to inform others about the beauty and rarity of Argyle pink diamonds.

Why did you decide to develop a brand rather than sell unbranded jewellery?
At the heart of a successful brand is a story capturing the consumer’s attention and providing them with reassurance and confidence in a product. Our pink diamond offering had all of these elements, and so the decision to develop a brand was essentially a no brainer.

What are the benefits for retailers stocking your brand? 
We are one of the only pink diamond jewellery brands on the market at wholesale level whereby all the jewellery is set with Argyle pink diamonds. Each piece is sold with an Argyle lot number and/or Argyle certificate as confirmation of this. Until the launch of our brand, it was difficult for retailers who were not part of the Argyle network to gain access to pink diamonds.

Pink Kimberley is a complete pink diamond solution. Not only do we provide retailers with loose stones and finished jewellery but they also have the added value of the Argyle pink diamond story, which is communicated through Pink Kimberley branding and other marketing material.

What challenges did you face when introducing a new brand to Australia? 
The main challenge was convincing retailers that they could successfully carry a higher-priced jewellery range. Many jewellers knew there was a market out there for such an offering but had never had an item that they could confidently sell to customers.

Do you think there are characteristics that make a brand distinctly Australian? 
A brand that is able to draw on our country’s resources is definitely a characteristic that contributes to it being ‘distinctly’ Australian. All pink diamonds used in the jewellery pieces from the Pink Kimberley range come from the Argyle Diamond Mine, which is located in the remote eastern Kimberley region of Western Australia. 

What is it about those characteristics that gives your brand appeal in the market? 
Pink Kimberley gives people the opportunity to own a piece of Australian heritage. It is widely known that the Argyle Diamond Mine will cease operation sometime within the next 10 years, and this has created increased demand and interest for pink diamonds. It seems everyone wants a piece before the supply ends – Argyle pink diamonds are a diminishing natural treasure.

What distinguishes your brand from competitors? 
As mentioned above, our brand offers a highly sought after product – in fact, they’re the most sought after coloured diamond in existence – that would not otherwise be easily accessible to independant retailers. Another factor is the fact these stones are extremely rare, unlike other coloured diamonds like browns and yellows that can be bought by the bucket load.

No two pink diamonds are ever the same, meaning consumers can be confident that their jewellery piece is one-of-a-kind. What’s more, the brand is backed by Sams Group Australia, a well-respected supplier within the industry that has been operating since 1967.

What have been some major achievements for the brand? 
The number of retailers that have embraced our brand and found success with the product has been phenomenal. Another achievement is that we have acquired more than 33,000 Facebook followers since launching our page two years ago. We’re also well on our way to increasing our brand presence in Japan and China.

What’s been your most innovative marketing campaign? 
It would have to be the product launches that we host for our stockists and their VIP customers. While I can’t reveal all of our secrets, I can say that they’re very exclusive and have proven extremely successful for retailers. 

What’s next? How will the brand evolve? 
You will just have to wait and see! Follow our Facebook page for updates.

What’s your favourite product from the collection? 
The Illoura. This is a pink and blue diamond ring that took out the Fancy Colour diamond award at the 2013 Diamond Guild Australia Jewellery Awards.

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