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Referred sales – a jeweller’s best friend

If there is an area where small businesses can stand head and shoulders above large businesses, it’s in 'referrals'. Of all lead generation methods, referrals is the most likely to result in a sale because it addresses the issue of trust.
  • For jewellery retailers, trust is paramount
  • Get in the habit of asking “Who recommended you to us?”
  • It tells the customer that you get a lot of recommendations
  • You can learn who is recommending you to the store
  • Do not use the word “referred”
  • Do not use “How did you hear about us?”


One single question is so important to growing your business: “Who recommended you to us?” This question can give us great information and increase your referral business for many reasons. 

This biggest reason is that it tells your customer that you get a lot of recommendations.

You wouldn’t want to just come right out and say “Yeah, we get a lot of referrals here.” That’s too arrogant. But rather asking the question is being assumptive that someone recommended this customer and that it happens often. 

Just asking it alone will put the customer at ease about your integrity as a jeweller.  

This issue of trust is so important here. Referral and trust go hand in hand... you refer someone to another business if you trust the business, so it is a marker of trust and integrity.

But the customer’s answers will be also be intriguing. 

You will learn about who is actually recommending you and now you have the ability to let them know how much you appreciate it. It’s also always good to have just one more reason to be in personal contact with your fans. 

Also, in their answers there may be an indication how well your marketing efforts are working, including social media. They may come right out and tell you that nobody recommended them but they say your Facebook advertisement or heard your radio commercials.  

In asking the question, it’s important to not use the word “referral” or the phrase “how did you hear about us?” 

These words conjure thoughts of marketing survey and some type of benefit system for people that refer them. Just stick to the question “Who recommended you to us?” and you’ll learn many things and close many more sales.


James De Groot

Contributor • Jewellery Marketing Guy

Jimmy’s passion is to share his sales and marketing techniques from when he managed a jewellery store and tripled sales with almost no staff turnover. He has now taken his knowledge worldwide by offering instore consulting and training with a series of “weekly store meeting” videos tailored for your entire team. Visit

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