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Two Minute Tips

Buddy System: a smarter way to increase jewellery sales

While not as popular in Australia and New Zealand as the US, the sales staff “buddy system” could be a way to engage with customers on a higher and more personalised level.
  • Builds teamwork among sales staff
  • Helps your team hold each other accountable
  • Strengthens communication within your sales team
  • Offers options for turning over to the other sales staff
  • We can’t remember/see/think of everything
  • Improves security
  • Exhibits your store’s culture
  • You will get more sales and repairs



You can tell when a retailer uses a “buddy system” among its staff; you get the feeling of confidence, knowing that you are going to be well taken care-of. You know that the staff are communicating and able to answer any question you may have, or even think of things you haven’t thought of. 

The buddy system is where salesperson #1 greets and assists the customer and salesperson #2 is the “buddy”. The buddy approaches after salesperson #1 has had a few minutes of rapport building with the customer and acts as an assistant, offering to clean jewellery, offering a beverage or offering a needed tool.  

The buddy should stay in the general area, but not hover, so that if salesperson #1 needs anything or wishes to turn the sale over to someone else, #2 is right there. 

This is sometimes seen as a needless duplication of efforts and possibly costly, but the reality is that closing ratios go way up because of the smoothness of the presentation.

For example, picture a surgeon focusing on the task at hand and the assistants handing them the tools they need! Good old fashioned teamwork and rapport between sales staff gives customers a sense of reassurance.

The buddy system allows salesperson #1 to have many options while being able to stay with the client and develop the relationship. Please note that I’m not talking about smothering your customer and clinging to them like a pit bull.  You still need to give them the space they need, but the buddy system will build your staff, your teamwork and your sales.


James De Groot

Contributor • Jewellery Marketing Guy

Jimmy’s passion is to share his sales and marketing techniques from when he managed a jewellery store and tripled sales with almost no staff turnover. He has now taken his knowledge worldwide by offering instore consulting and training with a series of “weekly store meeting” videos tailored for your entire team. Visit jewelrymarketingguy.com

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