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Jewellery valuations – a hot topic and debate

How much is something worth? That’s a good question and an even better one when it comes to jewellery. It’s often hotly debated in the jewellery industry where many myths still exist.

The topic of jewellery valuations becomes even more difficult when you include insurance.

Jewellery valuation certificates can benefit consumers and jewellers alike; however, there’s still a great deal of misunderstanding about “certs” and their purpose, especially when it comes to valuations certificates for insurance purposes.
While there are many good reasons for consumers to obtain valuations for their jewellery items, valuations and how they are used continue to cause industry controversy.

Jeweller has published many stories over recent years and below we present a collection of those that should offer an insight into the different issues surrounding the long-running debate as well as offering advice to you and your customers.




Mythbusters: truth behind jewellery valuation myths

Jewellery valuations can benefit jewellers and consumers alike; however, there’s still misunderstanding in the industry. MEGAN AUSTIN separates some common valuation myths from reality. Read more.


 Jewellers' prices too low for valuation

Jewellery valuation certificates continue to cause problems for the industry. COLEBY NICHOLSON was recently contact by a jeweller whose customer complained about his prices being too low! Read more.


 The real cost of jewellery valuations

Valuation methodology has changed to reflect today’s market – but if the jewellery industry fails to acknowledge it those playing by the new rules will continue to suffer, argues Giselle McKenna. Read more.


Concerns over online jewellery valuations

Concerns have been raised about an online retailer’s use of valuation certificates. Consumers should have a thorough understanding of valuation certificates before buying jewellery. COLEBY NICHOLSON and BIANCA MANGION investigate. Read more.


NCJV warns members on  jewellery valuations use

The National Council of Jewellery Valuers NSW branch has issued a stern warning to its members regarding the use of valuations in the retail sales process. Read more.






 Ban jewellery valuations!

How can a new diamond ring be purchased today for, say, $1,200 be valued tomorrow for $4,000? Valuations for new jewellery are nonsense, argues Coleby Nicholson. Read more.


 Insurers are not jewellers

The Great Insurance Debate continues with some jewellery retailers feeling “cheated” but GREG BEAUMONT says the insurance industry needs to be educated about the jewellery industry ... and vice versa. Sure, but is there really a problem? Read more.


Valuing jewellery insurance

Have you ever heard an insurance salesperson lost for words? Coleby Nicholson did when he asked about insuring a diamond ring! Read more.

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