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POS Report: Interview with Gordon McLister

Retail Edge Consultants

Years in operation: 10
Number of employees: Australia/NZ: 14, US: 10
Based in: Gold Coast, Christchurch, Henderson (US)
Main products offered: The Edge Inventory & POS, Focus Management reporting, Mentoring, recruitment, Edge Pulse, eInvoicing, ePurchase Orders, DistributionMan, Salesperson Performance Management, Super Store Analysis
Number of clients who use the software: Australia/NZ: 400, US: 3,000
Number of developers and support staff: Australia/NZ: 4 programmers, 5 support staff
Website: www.retailedgeconsultants.com.au
Phone: 07 5574 0322



What information does the software offer on inventory?
The software provides base stock details plus assembly/disassembly, extensive gemstone details, notes, groups, full history, photos, multiple price books, cost breakdowns, brand, location, custom fields, stocktake, special order tracking, fast-seller analysis, supplier performance, comparison, and trend reporting by supplier, department and salesperson.

What type of reports can the system generate?
The system offers extensive management reporting in the form of daily reports, salespeople performance management, in-depth sales budgeting, fast-seller analysis, supplier performance, comparison, and trend reporting by supplier, stock imbalance, department and salesperson.

Ease of use

Is the software multi-store compatible?
Yes, the majority of our clients own multiple stores.

Does a retailer need to be in store to access their system?
No, remote access is available.

Set Up

Approximately how long would it take to categorise and load inventory data onto the software and be up and running for: a) a small  ‘mum and dad’ retailer?
If a client has branded product or details in an electronic format like Excel, we can load the data for them and they can then do a stocktake. Otherwise manual entry is required – quantity of items would determine the length of time required.

b) a large retail business?
We can typically convert data from any system in one day. If our team does the conversion in the morning, we can have all sales staff live on POS by early afternoon.

c) a multi-location business with more than one store?
Typically, we can convert data from any system. Like in the instance above, if the conversion is made in the morning,
we can have all sales staff live on POS by early afternoon.

Is it possible to transfer an existing database?
Yes, we can transfer data from any system.


What training will staff require to use the system?
Training is more often than not conducted over the phone; however, clients are welcome to visit our Gold Coast office. We find many retailers have staff members who have used The Edge in previous work, which makes training minimal.

After-Sales Service

What kind of after-sales support is available?
We offer 24/7 support by phone and clients are also able to visit the Gold Coast office at any time. On-site support is available with cost recovery charged for travel and accommodation.

Do you charge on-site servicing fees?
For a base trainer, travel and accommodation recovery is charged. A $495 per day fee is charged for an advanced trainer.


What level of security is available to protect a retailer’s data?
The database is password protected. A full operator security option is also available, as is a secure off-site backup system.

Can data be automatically backed-up and is there a remote back-up service?

Software Development

Does your company own and develop the software or is it an agent for the software developer?
The source code for the entire system is maintained at the Gold Coast office. We have four experienced programmers in Australia and five in the US.

Who designed/created the software and what other industries/business sectors use it? Or is it specially designed for the jewellery industry?
The software has been designed based on more than 30 years of experience in the Australian and New Zealand jewellery market. It exclusively provides services to the jewellery industry in four countries.


Does the retailer have to pay further licensing fees to use the software once they have purchased it?
There is a monthly license rental option, which has proven to be the preferred choice for retailers. There is also a one-time license fee available.

How many users/workstations are included in the base price?
Two workstations are included – one in the back office and one at the POS.


Will a user have to purchase upgrades or are they free?
Upgrades are free.


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PO Box 136
QLD, Australia, 4214
Phone: 07 5574 0322
Fax: 07 5500 4735
Email: sales@retailedgeconsultants.com
Web: www.retailedgeconsultants.com.au

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