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Image courtesy: Stephen Webster's Instagram
Image courtesy: Stephen Webster's Instagram

10 must-follow jewellery designers on Instagram

Ever wondered what goes on behind-the-scenes when designing and manufacturing jewellery? Gain a backstage pass with this list of must-follow designers who share their tricks of the trade on Instagram.

If one is able to look past the overwhelming number of ‘selfies’ and salivating ‘foody’ accounts, it will become clear that an increasing number of jewellery designers are providing wonderful insight into their world via Instagram.

The photo-sharing social media app is an ideal platform for the jewellery industry as it offers designers a cost-effective way to showcase their latest creations on a global scale. What’s more, a recent study by research company L2 found that Instagram posts obtain a 100 per cent organic reach, with the 250 brands evaluated in the study finding “meaningful results” without needing to pay for advertising. But which jewellers are worth following? 

The accounts featured below have seemingly captured an audience on a unique level – each providing a peak into the glamorous and creative world of a jewellery designer.

By posting carefully selected gemstones, alongside personal inspirations, these accounts offer an insight into a jeweller’s design processes and business ethos. The content is raw, exclusive and presents a comprehensive look into the person and ‘brand’ behind the jewellery. After all, many consumers are now searching for a story behind their purchases, and Instagram can help paint that picture. 

The accounts can also provide inspiration for jewellery retailers. From styling tips, to beautiful campaign images, it would seem much can be learnt from these designers who are setting a benchmark for how to attract customers through social media.

Readers are advised to get their thumbs ready to hit the ‘follow’ button because Jeweller’s compilation of must-follow Instagram accounts (listed below in no particular order) is not to be missed.

Lorraine Schwartz

Said to be the ‘go-to’ jeweller for red carpet glamour, Lorraine Schwartz’s Instagram account is a one-stop shop for celebrity jewellery trends. Her muses include Beyoncé Knowles and Blake Lively, with both stars frequently endorsing the bold designs.


33 carat champagne round and marquise drop earrings #beyonce #nudediamonds #treschic #lorraineschwartzjewelry ??

A photo posted by Lorraine Schwartz (@lorraineschwartz) on


Martine Ali

Martine Ali is a young up-and-coming jewellery designer based in New York City. Ali’s Instagram account follows a consistent branding strategy – showcasing a combination of the jeweller’s chunky silver chain designs styled in a manner that emphasises their layering potential as well as inspirational photos that indicate the gothic and industrial aesthetic of the pieces. Also noteworthy is the regular use of plain white borders and backgrounds that allow the jewellery to do the talking.


rainy saturday vibes ?

A photo posted by jewelry and stuff (@martineali) on



Delfina Delettrez

As a fourth generation of the Fendi family and heir to the Italian fashion house, Delfina Delettrez undoubtedly has an ingrained passion for clothes and accessories. The jeweller’s Instagram account provides an insight into the family’s glamorous lifestyle, whilst also showcasing the motivations behind the designs for her namesake jewellery business. Delettrez’s geometric pieces are inspired by the human body and exhibit beautiful gemstones.


#delfinadelettrez Triple Topaz Ring ??

A photo posted by Delfina Delettrez (@delfinadelettrez) on



Stephen Webster

This Instagram account honours the brand’s definitive style with high-quality images that are used to flaunt the unique details of the designs. Inspired by flowers and insects, the posts put the pieces in context with simple but clever photos of the jewellery being worn.


Snap to it! ?? #StephenWebster @RoyalCollectionBaku

A photo posted by Stephen Webster (@stephenwebsterjewellery) on


Brooke Gregson

London-based jeweller Brooke Gregson uses Instagram as a means to provide her audience with a better understanding of the processes behind her business. By showing the sourcing of individual gemstones and then how they’re collated to develop an overall design concept, Gregson’s posts illustrate the behind-the-scenes procedures of designing. Rich in opals and tanzanite, the collection is bright, colourful and makes for beautiful viewing.


Sunday color and shape theme while dreaming of spring . #springcolors ??

A photo posted by Brooke Gregson (@brookegregson) on


Sabine G

Sabine G’s jewellery pieces incorporate a modern twist on art-deco designs. Inspired by vintage styles, her rings are displayed on perfectly manicured hands, which help to bring the stunning gemstones to life.


Regram @j_point ????????? #SabineG rings from the #harlequin collection.

A photo posted by Sabine Ghanem (@sabine_g) on



V Jewellery

V Jewellery’s Instagram account not only illustrates individual jewellery items but also the lifestyle associated with someone wearing the pieces. From dining out at restaurants to exotic holiday destinations, these posts are a reflection of the life that a V Jewellery customer leads – or aspires to lead. The minimalistic styling used in each post also complements the low-key aesthetic of the jewellery.


Cheers to the freakin weekend ??

A photo posted by V ?? - by Laura Vann (@vjewellery) on



Irene Neuwirth

With many posts featuring Irene Neuwirth’s mother and dog, this Instagram account embraces a personal approach. Neuwirth exhibits her mother’s artwork – an indication of where she adopted her eclectic style.


Jennifer Fisher

Jennifer Fisher’s Instagram account has a mixture of everything from celebrities wearing her pieces to inspirational quotes. However, the posts are far from random, with each fitting into a common theme – strong women. Her chunky gold jewellery makes a bold statement that appears to be consistent with her Instagram marketing strategy.



Samantha Wills

The bohemian appeal of Samantha Wills is synonymous throughout the jeweller’s Instragram posts. The photos of her boho showrooms in Sydney and New York, through to the styled campaign images stay true to her signature theme.



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