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Casting: Interview with Andrew Cochineas

Palloys (A Pallion Company)

Phone: +61 2 8571 9200
Office(s): Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Hong Kong (SAR) and mainland China
In casting since: 1951


What are your strengths and unique selling points?
Our scale, privacy, technical expertise and superior customer service are our strengths.  As part of the Pallion group of companies, Palloys is in a unique position in being able to provide the full spectrum of precious metal services to its clients.

From mine to market, your partner in precious metals is the ethos behind Pallion’s world of precious metal products and services, and summarises our commitment to our clients, our people and technological innovation. Our clients receive the benefit of dealing with the source at every step along the value chain coupled with our “special sauce” ingredient – our team – all who have a passion for jewellery production.

How long have you operated in the casting industry?
Since 1951 Palloys has worked with many of the region’s top jewellery houses and our 64-year history is testament to the level of trust our clients have in Palloys.

Is all work cast in Australia, or is some partially done offshore?
All work is cast here in Australia and, additionally, we also offer a design, proto-typing, finishing and setting service at our facilities in Australia, Hong Kong and China.

Can you cast all common alloys of silver, 9ct, 14ct, 18ct, platinum and palladium?
All alloys are cast, every day of the week. We are renowned for the whiteness of our 18-carat Palloys white alloy and the superiority of our platinum casts. In addition, we are the sole Australian casting distributor of Argentium – the superior tarnish-resistant silver alloy. Production at all Pallion group companies like Palloys is managed by tertiary qualified metallurgists, which means that we really understand the metals we sell, from the moment of refining to the moment we produce a full-finished piece of jewellery.

Do you offer Computer Aided Design (CAD) services?
Yes. We have Australia’s largest team of CAD designers coupled with an unmatched rapid proto-typing printing capacity. We are Australia’s only casting house to offer both ProWax and ProResin prints. Our ProResin prints are the highest resolution direct cast jewellery prints available in the market today.

Do you automatically rectify CAD problems, or charge separately?
Our CAD team works with our clients to minimise CAD problems in the first place. When we prepare the CAD drawings, you’ll always get a perfect result. Where you provide your own drawings, our team provides free advice to ensure that those drawings will not only print well but will cast well too.

What is your copyright policy regarding customer supplied CAD files?
The client owns the copyright in CAD files. It’s that simple.

Do you offer moulding services?
Yes. Palloys is a rarity in the Australian market because we don’t subcontract out the production of moulds to third parties – they are all made in house. This is not only a guarantee of quality but it is also a guarantee of the protection of our client’s intellectual property. In fact, Palloys holds the largest collection of proprietary and customer moulds in the southern hemisphere at its Sydney facility.

If so, who owns the final moulds?
Customers can choose to either own their moulds outright or for Palloys to retain custody of the moulds.

What is the typical turnaround time for creations if:
Customer supplied wax: Next day dispatch.
Customer CAD for print or cast: 2-3 day dispatch.
Customer sketch for CAD and cast: 3-5 days.

Do you have a high success rate on casting volatile metals such as palladium?
Yes. Our latest casting technologies ensure superior casting in all metals, including platinum and palladium. We don’t just cast platinum and palladium well – we cast it every day of the week. This means that our clients don’t have to wait for a platinum or palladium casting day before they get their order.

What is your recast policy if items are porous or faulty upon receipt?
We offer a 100 per cent satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy with your cast it can be recast for you – no questions asked.

If a customer provides wax, are there any materials not accepted for casting?
If it is castable, Palloys can cast it – just check with our team at the time of order. We don’t just ‘blindly’ accept all materials for casting. Indeed, although many rapid prototyping machines (particularly cheaper desktop models) produce great looking models, many of those models are not really suitable for direct casting.

Are there any Polymer/ABS/SLA materials you do not accept for casting?
It all depends on the material – just check with our team at the time of order.

If so, can a determination be made prior to it going onto a tree and the casting failing?
Yes. Our team will tell you before casting of the likelihood of failure.

Do you offer RTV for ‘suspect’ waxes/polymers to protect against failures?
Yes, all materials received for casting before investing occurs. If we think there is the possibility of failure, we call the client and suggest alternatives such as producing a room temperature vulcanised mould or cold pour moulding with our in-house moulding team. And because we don’t subcontract out the production of moulds to third parties, our clients get real time feedback on the success of the moulding procedure.

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8 Meeks Road
NSW, Australia, 2204
Phone: 1300 886 108
Fax: 02 8571 9222

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