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Casting: Interview with Peter Beck

peter w beck

Phone: +61 8 8447 1133
Office(s): Adelaide
In casting since: 1985


What are your strengths and unique selling points?
Peter W Beck has always been known for its high level of quality, exceptional customer service and keeping up with the latest technology in the field. We work personally with the customer on every casting job to ensure they get the best possible quality. Our team also has a stringent quality control process that allows each job to be completely traceable down to the details of the alloy batch that was used for the job.

How long have you operated in the casting industry?
Peter W Beck has more than 30 years’ experience in casting after the business was founded in 1976. As precious metal experts, the addition of casting services to our repertoire was only natural.

Is all work cast in Australia, or is some partially done offshore?
All work is done in our South Australian factory. We have quite a substantial casting area and the ability to produce large numbers of cast products every day.

Can you cast all common alloys of silver, 9ct, 14ct, 18ct, platinum and palladium?
Yes, we can cast all common alloys and produce 9ct, 10ct, 14ct, and 18ct in yellow, white or rose gold alloys as well as 22ct gold castings in yellow. While the 10ct, 14ct and 22ct are more unique alloys – and therefore not commonly requested – we specialise in having them readily available at request. We can process a customer’s cast job either using our Peter W Beck alloys, or using the customer’s own metals, which will be bead blasted clean before dispatching.

Do you offer Computer Aided Design (CAD) services?
Yes, we offer CAD services. We have a team of five people in our casting department who assist customers with CAD services, from printing files sent by customers, modifying designs to ensure the best results possible and even to resizing waxes once printed to meet customer specifications.

Do you automatically rectify CAD problems, or charge separately?
Each job is treated individually and if we find an issue with a job we always liaise with the customer first before we rectify the issue. If the problem is small we will fix onsite so as to not trouble the customer. Separate charges are incurred only if the issues are substantial or time consuming.

What is your copyright policy regarding customer supplied CAD files?
All files sent to us are 100 per cent owned by that customer. All intellectual property received by way of a job is automatically held in trust for the customer.

Do you offer moulding services?
Yes, we offer a moulding service. We can mould your master using high temperature vulcanised or room temperature vulcanised, depending on the material your master is made from. We have several moulding materials available to provide our customers with the best options for their master.

If so, who owns the final moulds?
Customers always own the moulds as it their intellectual property. Peter W Beck has a secure mould facility that customers can choose to use to store their moulds ready for reorder. Alternatively, we will arrange delivery if they prefer to have their mould returned at any time. Our mould library can be used at no cost. At no point are customer moulds the property of Peter W Beck.

What is the typical turn around time for creations if:
Customer supplied wax: 1-2 days for gold and silver. If we receive the wax before midday we can have it ready the next day. Platinum and palladium have a 5-6 day turn-around.
Customer CAD for print or cast: 3-4 days for gold and silver casts. If we receive the file before 2pm it will be ready in 3 working days. Platinum and palladium require 6-7 days.
Customer sketch for CAD and cast: A customer drawing service is not currently offered.

Do you have a high success rate on casting volatile metals such as palladium?
Yes, we cast in platinum and palladium often and have a very good success rate when dealing with these metals. We will also automatically grind platinum and palladium sprues so that waste metal is minimised.

What is your recast policy if items are porous or faulty upon receipt?
We will always recast and rectify a problem after consultation with the customer. We will always continue to cast the product until the job is done perfectly, working with the customer each step of the way.

If a customer provides wax, are there any materials not accepted for casting?
We will attempt to cast all materials but again, we will closely liaise with the customer if the item is not ideal for casting and discuss other options that could be explored. We will also accept any material a customer wishes to send us for moulding. We are also able to mould many different types of organic material, including quite delicate jobs.

Are there any Polymer/ABS/SLA materials you do not accept for casting?
We accept all materials but each job will be treated on a case-by-case basis and we will assess each material for suitability.

If so, can a determination be made prior to it going onto a tree and the casting failing?
Yes, we can check the suitability of the material for casting before going ahead.

Do you offer RTV for ‘suspect’ waxes/polymers to protect against failures?
Yes. We do our best to prevent failed casts at every possible step. It’s best for both parties if issues can be identified prior to the casting process to save time and wasted materials.

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