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D-Secure is said to be able to batch test synthetic diamonds within seconds
D-Secure is said to be able to batch test synthetic diamonds within seconds

Cost-effective synthetic diamond detector launched

A business specialising in diamond research and development has launched what it claims is the most accurate synthetic detection technology to date that can be used across the entire industry supply chain.

D-Secure, the new equipment developed by Dharmanandan Research Centre (DRC Techno), is said to detect synthetic diamonds within seconds and negates the need for screening or further testing.

The device can reportedly scan rough and polished colourless or near colourless stones in sizes ranging from 0.003 carats to 10 carats. It can also detect synthetic diamonds in finished jewellery – such as studded jewellery – provided the stone is visible and well exposed.

DRC Techno director Vipul Sutariya explained the reason for developing the technology was to uphold consumer confidence when purchasing natural diamonds.

Vipul Sutariya, DRC Techno director
Vipul Sutariya, DRC Techno director

“Consumers should know what they are buying,” Sutariya said. “Synthetic diamond may have its own space in the jewellery segment but mixing undisclosed synthetic diamonds with natural [stones] is like playing with someone’s emotional value and definitely deteriorates consumer confidence.”

He noted that D-Secure differed from other detection tools currently on the market in that it was capable of identifying synthetic diamonds from a batch within about 50 seconds, resulting in significant savings in time and cost.

According to Sutariya, while most testing equipment was limited to the identification of type-IIa diamonds, which required further laboratory testing, D-Secure was so precise in its detection that no further assessment was necessary.

Additionally, he said the equipment was cost effective, meaning it could be used by anyone along the diamond supply chain, including manufacturers, dealers and retailers.

The device will debut at the upcoming September Hong Kong Jewellery and Gem Fair, which will take place from 16 to 22 September. A series of demonstrations in October have also been planned, although Sutariya said locations had not been determined.

He added that the business was currently working on developing a detection solution for coloured synthetic diamonds.

Founded in 2006, DRC Techno is a Surat-based business that aims to research and develop new technology within the diamond and jewellery manufacturing sectors. It is an associate company of diamond supplier Dharmanandan Diamonds.

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Wednesday, 22 January, 2020 09:32am
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