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Largest ever jewellery buyer’s guide

Australia’s #1 jewellery industry buyer’s guide has hit the streets! The 2016 Suppliers Directory has been mailed and the first thing you will notice is its size – it’s the largest ever at 388 pages!

For more than a decade Jeweller’s annual Suppliers Directory has been the #1 resource for retailers, buyers and other key decision makers in the Australian and New Zealand jewellery industries.

However, the 2016 edition has been improved by dividing the 388–page publication into four convenient sections:

  1. Jewellery – a comprehensive listing of finished goods and findings
  2. Loose stones – a listing of diamonds, coloured gemstones, opals and pearls
  3. Watches – including a listing of watch brands available in Australia and NZ
  4. Tools and equipment – a listing of industry services, equipment and repairs

Not only have we improved the directory by dividing it into four mini-directories but each section is now more comprehensive to help you look for exactly what you need. For example, it is now easier to locate specific gemstones and diamonds because of our expanded categories and listings. Looking for Serpentine? Maybe Tsavorite? Jeweller has made it easier to find those elusive stones.

Also in line with the changing industry, our Tools and Equipment section has been expanded with new categories such as 3D printing and specific CAD/CAM providers. Each of the four sections cover the needs of every jewellery retailer by listing comprehensive and detailed categories.

Discover hard-to-find products

The Suppliers Directory is designed to make your job easier. Any supplier worth its salt is listed, and anyone not listed isn’t worth worrying about!

Of course, the Suppliers Directory also includes our unique Hard-to-Find sections.

That is, unlike other directories that simply publish an endless list of company phone numbers, Jeweller’s directory is unmatched because it helps buyers search for those unique or hard-to-find products.

Are you looking for a medical bracelet or perhaps a bangle watch? Maybe a customer wants a Masonic ring or needs a nurse’s watch? It’s all there at your fingertips!

Rather than calling every supplier asking the same question, you can go straight to the Hard-to-Find Index to identify the one that is appropriate – making it the most comprehensive buying guide in Australia and New Zealand.

Find it by Brand

What if you know the brand name but not the local distributor? That’s easy too!

The 2016 Suppliers Directory contains 10 pages of jewellery, tools and equipment, watch and clocks brands and their supplier. 

At just under one kilogram in weight and 388 pages, it’s regarded as the ‘Bible’ of the jewellery industry and also includes:

  • More than 550 company listings
  • 300+ jewellery brands
  • More than 220 watch brand listings
  • More than 200 individual product categories
  • And our unique Hard-to-Find products categories

It’s never been easier to find whatever you want, whenever you want!

Interested in getting your hands on a copy? 
Click here and email us with the subject line “I'd love to get my hands on the 2016 Suppliers Directory."

Want to be listed in the Suppliers Directory?
Click here and email us with the subject line “My business needs to be listed in the Suppliers Directory. How do I do that?"


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