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Jeweller launches online
Jeweller launches online


Jeweller magazine goes .com

Jeweller magazine has launched its new website. Released last month with a “soft-launch”, is unique in global trade media, as it offers two separate sites: one for industry and another for consumers. 

The new internet business model, which has a B2B and B2C offering, means once users sign-up as a retailer, supplier or consumer, they can log-in to their respective areas and the content will be tailored to them. 

Of particular interest to retailers will be the Search/Products function: an online version of Jeweller’s Supplier Directory, complete with pictures. 

“Suppliers can upload their product images for retailers to search online,” Jeweller publisher Coleby Nicholson explained. 

The new site also marks the long-standing magazine’s coming of age, with the online version offering not only news, features and regular -articles, but also an extensive archive of past -Jeweller articles. 

Both sites also offer unique search functions and e-newsletter updates.

Taking Jeweller online seemed like a natural progression for Nicholson: “Whilst the internet has not severely-impacted specialist and niche media to the same extent that it has affected general media, the habits of trade readers are also changing as the internet pervades all areas of life.

“Moreover, the the internet allows us to provide more services to our customers (readers), helping them manage their business better,” he said. 

Retailers and suppliers can search for articles under regular magazine sections, while also taking advantage of specialist B2B blogs and articles under the “Learn About” menu – a dedicated educational area covering a range of topics. Users can then download full-colour PDFs of the stories. 

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While many of the Learn About topics appear on the consumer site, B2B users have access to additional features. Retailers with customers interested in a particular product can print educational information sheets.

The move to consumer media is new territory for publisher Coleby Nicholson, with the traditional version of Jeweller solely focusing on trade readers: “I have been constantly amazed by how many non-industry people have an interest in jewellery and enjoy reading Jeweller. 

As a monthly magazine, there is lots of information we could publish that is of specific interest to consumers, but we don’t,” Nicholson explained.

The publisher felt it was a logical extension for the new website to cover all channels of the industry, but the challenge was to develop a business model to achieve it: “We had to create a business model that could benefit everyone, be they suppliers, retailers or consumers. After all, if consumers aren’t buying, nor are retailers.”

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Tuesday, 15 October, 2019 06:23pm
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