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The Danish range is said to offer unique, modern and bold designs
The Danish range is said to offer unique, modern and bold designs

Timesupply debuts Euro jewellery range

Another European jewellery brand is set to enter the local market, with news that Timesupply has acquired the exclusive distribution rights to a range heralding from Denmark.

The supplier will officially launch Dansk Smykkekunst in Australia and New Zealand on 1 October.

Ken Abbott, Timesupply managing director
Ken Abbott, Timesupply managing director

Timesupply managing director Ken Abbott said he became interested in the Scandinavian collection after hearing about its success in the UK market as well as “positive comments” regarding its owners. He added that in 2014, Dansk received the King Frederik IX Honorary Award for its “outstanding” contribution to exports in Denmark.

The range comprises earrings, bracelets and necklaces plated in metals including sterling silver, 14-carat gold, 14-carat rose gold. Some items feature leather and gemstones such as black onyx, rose quartz, green aventurine and lapis lazuli.

Abbott said he first became aware of Dansk when speaking with the range’s UK distributor in June this year and that a distribution agreement was reached within one week of initial negotiations with the owner. The range has been “workshopped” with a select number of local retailers.

European influx

Dansk is arguably part of an influx of European jewellery ranges to the Australian market in recent years.

Christian and Malene Storm, Dansk Smykkekunst owners
Christian and Malene Storm, Dansk Smykkekunst owners

Abbott said he was confident the range offered a point of difference from other European brands: “Dansk has a very unique, modern and bold design at very affordable prices.”

Timesupply distributes several other European ranges, including German-based Coeur de Lion, Danish Design watches from Denmark and Vostok-Europe watches from Lithuania.

When asked how the latest addition would fit with the existing portfolio, Abbott commented, “Dansk fits perfectly into Timesupply's business model – offering unique designer fine fashion products at affordable pricing that appeals to a very broad demographic.”

Dansk is a second-generation Copenhagen-based business that was established in 1971. It is owned by Malene Storm, who designs the jewellery, and her husband Christian Storm, who is responsible for daily operations.

In addition to Australia in New Zealand, Dansk is available in 11 European countries as well as the US and Russia. It has approximately 1,500 retail stockists.


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Monday, 26 August, 2019 03:44pm
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