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2016 Coloured Diamonds Advertising Report: Affection Diamonds


Pictured: Nirav Shah, Director

Retailers looking for a wide range of diamonds in various shapes, colours and sizes would find their requirements well met by Affection Diamonds.

The business was established in 2010 and it now supplies retailers all over Australia.

Affection Diamonds director Nirav Shah decided to enter the coloured market because of his personal taste for coloureds as well as the variety they bring to the trade.

Shah, who has more than 20 years of experience in the jewellery industry, explains coloured diamonds present the opportunity to create a variety of attractive designs that are often not possible with white stones.

Shah says the supplier’s diamonds are selected with great care and its product range includes stones starting from less than 0.005 carats up to 3 carats and higher.

The business specialises in natural coloured diamonds such as Argyle pink and yellow, champagne and cognac.

Treated pink, yellow, blue, green and black stones are also available.

Shah explains tracking down hard to find diamonds has become something of a speciality, including lots of “unusual” shapes in singles and pairs.

Round, princess, marquise, asscher, oval, radiant, cushion, pear, trilliant, heart, tapered and baguette shapes are offered.

Affection Diamonds also carries a range of white diamonds in fancy shapes and unusual shaped pairs such as trapeze, half moon, shield, single-cut, rose-cut and old-cut.

Shah explains the diamonds are sourced from various regions around the world.

Stones are certified by the Gemological Institute of America, Gem Studies Laboratory and International Gemological Institute.

Interesting fact …

Affection Diamonds is a ‘one-stop-shop’ and most people are surprised to find that we have such an extensive offering of coloured diamonds in various colours, shapes and sizes.  



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