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2016 Coloured Diamonds Advertising Report: Blue Star & Kiven Diamonds


Pictured: Ron Kiven, Director

Blue Star & Kiven Diamonds is an Argyle Pink Diamonds authorised partner for Australia, Hong Kong, China and United Arab Emirates – and receives four allocations of predominantly pink stones per year directly from the Argyle diamond mine.

The business is a joint venture between Kiven and leading international diamond manufacturers Blue Star Diamonds. The arrangement allows the local operation to leverage the power of Blue Star, which is a sightholder of the De Beers Group and also holds long-term contracts with Alrosa and Dominion Diamond Corporation.

“As sightholders, we have access to not only rough white diamonds but also fancy colours including yellows, blues and greens,” Kiven explains.

He adds that one of the business’ strengths lies in diamond cutting: “We have 2,700 workers in our factories worldwide utilising latest technology in diamond polishing. Cutting expertise is paramount with coloured diamonds in order to extract maximum colour evenly throughout the diamond. We also have the ability to do special cuts and customised programs.”

Blue Star & Kiven Diamonds manufactures its own finished jewellery range as well, which includes Argyle pink diamonds.

It is also involved in a joint venture with Sarine to introduce the latest in 3D imaging and light performance measurement to the marketplace.

Kiven adds that stocking coloured stones, especially Argyle pink diamonds, elevates a business’ profile above its competitors.

“The end of mine life of the Argyle diamond mine is scheduled to be in the next five years. As such, we only have this limited time period to utilise this rare product in the diamond world.”

Interesting fact …

On average, one Argyle signature stone is uncovered for every half a million carats of rough diamonds mined. Argyle signature tender stones are the 50 to 60 ‘best’ stones mined each year.



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