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2016 Coloured Diamonds Advertising Report: DSM Pacific


Pictured: Darshan Mehta, Director

From the moment it opened for business in Sydney 10 years ago, DSM Pacific has established itself as a diamond supplier known for its supply of stones in a myriad of cuts and sizes.

DSM Pacific director Darshan Mehta first took the plunge into the coloured market in 2014, with the supplier expanding its offering from white diamonds to a range of natural coloured diamonds, including yellow and champagne varieties as well as Argyle and non-Argyle pink diamonds.

One of the business’ specialties is loose natural stones in smaller sizes. It also supplies natural and treated coloured diamond jewellery, white diamonds in many sizes as well as treated loose diamonds, which Darshan stresses are disclosed to the retailer prior to selling.

The company can provide certification from laboratories such as the Gemological Institute of America upon customer request.

Although DSM Pacific specialises in a large quantity of small stones, big sizes are also available, including some “exceptionally unique” stones, according to Mehta.

In addition to the stock it receives from Western Australia, DSM also sources diamonds from South Africa.

Mehta says the consistency of the supply channels it has established is one of the supplier’s biggest assets, along with the wide range and high-quality product.

DSM Pacific is part of DSM Group located in India. In addition to Sydney, it also has an office in Melbourne.

He adds that coloureds have certain benefits over white stones. “They are unique, different, trendy, they stand out from the rest,” Mehta says, adding, “They are mostly one-offs as natural coloured diamonds are rare and they all vary so it’s very hard to go around and compare; it’s mostly ‘you buy what you see’.”

Interesting fact …

DSM Pacific’s coloured diamonds weighing more than 0.5 carats come with a GIA grading certificate – revealing the ‘perfect’ grading of the diamond.



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