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2016 Coloured Diamonds Advertising Report: Sams Group Australia


Pictured: Steve Der Bedrossian, CEO

When asked about his business’ strengths and unique selling points, Sams Group Australia CEO Steve Der Bedrossian is quick to respond: “We have one of the largest collections of pink diamonds and pink diamond jewellery in Australia sourced from the Argyle mine located in the East Kimberley region of Western Australia.” 

Sams Group entered the coloured diamond industry seven years ago after Der Bedrossian noticed a gap in the market for a branded range of pink diamond jewellery incorporating Argyle natural pink diamonds.

The business specialises in stones between 0.15 carats and 2 carats with Argyle certification. It also has stars and melee diamonds up to 0.14 carats.

Sams Group has established two brands to market and trade its pink diamonds: Pink Kimberley Australia and Blush Pink Diamonds.

Both brands focus on finished 18-carat gold jewellery pieces crafted using a blend of white and natural pink diamonds. The offering spans earrings, pendants, rings and bracelets incorporating the most vivid purplish pink to fancy pink hues.

Der Bedrossian says coloured stones are “very popular” at the moment and another benefit offered over white stones is less competition. What’s more, owners of Argyle pink diamonds have a slice of Australian heritage.

He adds that it is important that the supplier informs the industry about the beauty and rarity of Argyle pink diamonds, while providing a jewellery range attainable for all.

“There seems to be a misconception among some consumers that pink diamonds are out of their reach so we are aiming to educate the industry and general public that this isn’t always the case,” he says.

In addition to the finished jewellery range, the supplier also carries loose pink, blue and yellow diamonds. The business also provides a custom-made service for jewellery retailers looking for specific requirements.

Interesting fact …

No surprises, just a very large range!



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Tuesday, 14 July, 2020 02:39pm
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