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2016 Coloured Diamonds Advertising Report: Vital Diamonds International


Pictured: Natella Aminov, Director

Vital Diamonds International launched its first coloured diamonds offering in 2006, starting with natural fancy yellow stones in matching pairs of radiant and cushion cuts.

Vital Diamonds has expanded its product range year-on-year and today carries a variety of shapes and sizes in natural yellow colours in both pairs and single diamonds.

“The idea is that a new line of goods will re-invigorate the market, giving jewellers and their customers more choice,” Vital Diamonds director Natella Aminov explains of the decision to introduce coloureds.

“In line with our original objectives every year or so, we try to bring something new,” she adds.

Keeping to this promise, Vital Diamonds has expanded its repertoire over the past couple of years and it now offers treated coloured diamonds in a range of shades including olive and apple green, ice, sky and ocean blue, canary yellow and pink.

Its yellow stones, which come in natural fancy and natural fancy intense hues, range in size from 0.01 carats up to 3.5 carats.

Aminov says most of the supplier’s coloured diamonds are sourced from Israel.

“We have built long-term relationships with our overseas suppliers, which allows us to buy quality goods in bulk,” she comments.

Aminov adds that knowing its diamonds are hand-selected and come from reliable sources gives jewellers the confidence and peace of mind to purchase a great value and well-cut product while also supporting an Australian family-owned business.

In addition, Vital Diamonds provides round and fancy cut white diamonds ranging from 0.005 carats to more than 4 carats in D to K colours and a variety of clarities.

The business also offers diamond restoration services using its own machinery as well as an in-house diamond repair service.

Interesting fact …

Vital Diamonds’ collection has recently expanded with the addition of large pink diamonds treated using the high pressure, high temperature (HPHT) process.



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Suite 1204
227 Collins Street
VIC, Australia, 3000
Phone: 03 9639 1008
Email: sales@vitaldiamonds.com.au
Web: www.vitaldiamonds.com.au

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