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World Shiner.
World Shiner.

2016 Coloured Diamonds Advertising Report: World Shiner


Pictured: Maulin Shah, Director

Having its headquarters and ‘back office’ located in Mumbai, ensures the local arm of World Shiner has a consistent supply of high-quality coloured diamonds.

World Shiner director Maulin Shah explains the stones go through a rigorous procedure in India and because the office knows the business’ requirements they send only the best possible options.

Shah says with coloured diamonds, it is very important to view the stone before buying, explaining the back office acts as the supplier’s “coloured eye”.

World Shiner has bases in regions including Germany, New Zealand and the UK as well. “We have buying strength as we have offices in other parts of the world. So we always buy in quantity because of that strength we have as a group,” Shah comments.

The business’ coloured diamond offering, sourced mainly from India and Israel, comprises a variety of shapes and colours such as  champagne, cognac and yellow.

It is also supplies treated diamonds in numerous colours and Shah says there is demand for both these and natural stones.

“If people like the colour then they don’t mind if it’s treated,” Shah says. “But I can say there is a major market right now for natural coloured diamonds.”

According to Shah, some of the main selling points for coloured diamonds is that they are difficult to compare and designs incorporating coloured stones cannot easily be copied.

World Shiner also specialises in white diamonds, carrying sizes up to 10 carats.

In July, the supplier relocated its Brisbane office to a new-look premises. It follows moves for its other Australian locations in Melbourne and Sydney in 2015. An office in Auckland, New Zealand, also opened last year.

Interesting fact …

The Oppenheimer Blue diamond holds the record for the most expensive diamond, gemstone or piece of jewellery sold at auction. The fancy vivid blue stone weighs 14.62 carats and sold for US$57.5 million in May 2016.



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Suite 502, L5/227 Collins Street
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Phone: 03 9654 6369

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