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The buying groups statement encourages the industry to support the IJF at Darling Harbour
The buying groups statement encourages the industry to support the IJF at Darling Harbour

Buying groups call for unity: urge industry to support one jewellery fair

Australia’s three buying groups have released a joint statement calling on jewellery retailers and suppliers to support the International Jewellery Fair (IJF) at Darling Harbour, organised by Expertise Events.

The statement, titled ‘Buying groups call for unity’ and dated 3 May, was signed by Leading Edge Group Jewellers general manager Joshua Zarb, Nationwide Jewellers managing director Colin Pocklington and Showcase Jewellers general manager Carson Webb.

"With the recent announcement that all three buying groups will be present at the Darling Harbour jewellery fair, we believe it is now appropriate that the industry unites as one, fully supporting the International Jewellery Fair (IJF) at the new Sydney Convention Centre at Darling Harbour,” it read.

According to the statement, trading had been “particularly tough” in the past few months and it was consequently imperative for the industry to unite.

Carson Webb, Showcase Jewellers
Carson Webb, Showcase Jewellers
Colin Pocklington, Nationwide Jewellers
Colin Pocklington, Nationwide Jewellers
Josh Zarb, Leading Edge Group Jewellers
Josh Zarb, Leading Edge Group Jewellers

“It is important for the jewellery industry that our trade fair is as good as it can be – we simply can’t afford more division or confusion.
“We strongly encourage all suppliers and retailers to get behind and participate in the IJF, which, with 150 exhibitors already booked, is clearly the major industry event for 2017,” it concluded.

JAA moves location

The statement follows an announcement by the Jewellers Association of Australia (JAA) yesterday that its JAA Jewellery Tradeshow would relocate from Moore Park to Darling Harbour.

This news, revealed in an email newsletter as well as the JAA’s latest President’s Report, caused industry confusion because no further details were provided about the event’s location at Darling Harbour.

The lack of detail undoubtedly left readers thinking that it would be held at the new International Convention Centre (ICC), which is the location of the Expertise Events-run IJF.

The President’s Report, signed by Selwyn Brandt, read: “This change comes after input given to the JAA that Darling Harbour is the best location to host the inaugural industry run trade event.”

The email newsletter referred readers to the JAA Jewellery Tradeshow website for more information; however, the website still displayed the floorplan for the Moore Park location at the time. The page clearly showed that the event had been reduced from the previously-promoted two halls – complete with champagne bars and 280+ stands – at the former Sydney Showground to just one, the smaller Hall of Industries.

It should also be noted that this page has since been edited to read ‘TBA’ but when clicking on the ‘TBA’ link, visitors are still shown the Hall of Industries floorplan.

In addition, the website did not provide a Darling Harbour location, even though the JAA had just announced that it had moved.

Misleading communication

IJF organiser Expertise Events released a statement via email a few hours later titled, “Misleading Communication”.

The IJF is taking place at the newly-renovated ICC at Darling Harbour and, according to the Expertise Events statement, the JAA’s communication led to a number of telephone calls from confused exhibitors.

“We therefore wish to make it clear to all of our exhibitors and visitors that the JAA are not at the new International Convention Centre, Darling Harbour (ICC) and are not any part of the International Jewellery Fair (IJF) being run by us,” the Expertise Events notice read.

“The reference by their president to a boutique event suggests that they may have given up on holding a major event and may be thinking of changing to a hotel function room. That is just our best guess,” it added.

“We appreciate the industry may be confused and hope this clarifies it for you.”

The JAA announcement comes hot on the heels of Showcase Jewellers confirming it would support the IJF in 2017. In July 2016, the buying group stated it would “exclusively support” the JAA 2017 JAA Jewellery Tradeshow.

The IJF and the JAA Jewellery Tradeshow are scheduled to take place from 26 August to 28 August.

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