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(Clockwise from top left) Twin Plaza Metals, Linneys, Worth & Douglas, Linneys, Twin Plaza Metals, Linneys, Worth & Douglas
(Clockwise from top left) Twin Plaza Metals, Linneys, Worth & Douglas, Linneys, Twin Plaza Metals, Linneys, Worth & Douglas

Wedding rings 2017: display kits to dazzle

In the competitive wedding ring market, standing out from the crowd is paramount.

The good news is that suppliers are helping retailers do just that by providing a range of in-store point of sale (POS) display kit options.

There are pre-made and customised packages, kits that use sample rings and ones that incorporate ready-to-sell stock, those that leverage a renowned ring brand and some that encourage the promotion of a store’s own trademark – the list seems to be never ending.

Here is a showcase of some of the offerings available to help retailers gain their fair share of the bridal pie.

Palloys (a Pallion subsidiary)

What’s included? The My Dream Ring display kit includes a box with a glossy white finish and ring inserts that are designed for displaying engagement rings and wedding bands.

The box holds 24 silver ring samples, with retailers being able to select the designs that best suit their store requirements. Options include, but are not limited to, wedding bands, diamond and gemstone-set engagement rings and eternity rings.

Branded vs non-branded: The offering comes with a customisable insert that can be updated with the retailer’s logo.

Additional services: All products are made-to-order, which means any changes such as engraving or using different diamond and gemstone types can be easily incorporated.

Point of difference: With a team of jewellery manufacturers, the company can customise any My Dream Ring design or create an original piece for approval.

Consumer bridal fairs: The My Dream Ring box is small enough to be used when exhibiting at bridal fairs (or other out-of-store events). The box closes, making it easily transportable.

Peter W Beck
Peter W Beck
Peter W Beck

What’s included? Display packages are available in a number of different configurations and are customisable to fit retailer’s individual needs. Displays can be filled with made-to-order wedding rings or gold-plated samples.

Branded vs non-branded: Peter W Beck’s packages are said to reflect the “well-known brand”; however, extensive use of retailer branding can also be incorporated to suit the store’s needs.

Additional services: Regular updated quotes over-the-phone or through the supplier’s online quoting website, marketing support, customisation, urgent order requests and engraving.

Point of difference: High-quality displays in two colour options, which can be customised to include different tray sizes and additional promotional material, all free of charge.

Consumer bridal fairs: Additional kits are available for those attending consumer bridal exhibitions. The kit includes men’s and women’s 9-carat wedding rings and a variety of POS material to ensure retailers have all they need for the day.

Twin Plaza Metals
Twin Plaza Metals
Twin Plaza Metals

What’s included? The supplier offers several ring display options, including a traditional display box containing 67 rings in a combination of men’s and women’s plain-style wedding bands as well as a few best-selling diamond cut styles. The samples are brass nickel-plated, giving the appearance of 18-carat white gold.

A display tray with a selection of 38 men’s rings, including best sellers and unique styles, is also available, along with the Carbon Collection display containing 11 rings manufactured from black carbon fibre and plated brass to simulate gold.

Branded vs non-branded: All displays show a small Twin Plaza logo. A selection of ring designs can be branded with the retailer’s hallmark.

Additional services: An engraved fingerprint option, where a person’s fingerprint is lasered on the inside or outside of the ring, as well as traditional engraving is provided.

The supplier strives to offer flexible design parameters.

Point of difference: By providing a large cross-section of rings, the retailer doesn’t have to rely on showing consumers pictures or catalogues.

Consumer bridal fairs: The displays are suitable for the use at bridal fairs because they provide a wide range of merchandise in a compact size.

Recent kit updates: The traditional display has the option of being sized from G–Z+5, including half sizes, and, as previously stated, new display trays for men’s rings and the Carbon Collection are available.


What’s included? The supplier’s recently-released display is said to be the result of collating the 30 most popular designs and dimensions across Australia to create the ultimate men’s wedding ring tray. It includes yellow gold, white gold and diamond set samples, with all 30 designs available in 9, 14 and 18-carat gold, platinum, palladium and silver.

Branded vs non-branded: There is an option to keep the wedding rings in the TWM Co trays or brand them with a retailer’s own displays.

Additional services: Mini catalogues and POS posters are provided. An express 24-hour ring manufacturing service is also available.

Point of difference: All rings are customisable and there is a seven-day delivery timeframe.

Consumer bridal fairs: Retailers are advised to use the wedding ring box, which fits 250 samples; however, the supplier prefers to discuss how it can tailor the products and marketing collateral to the needs of the business. There are images, banners and more than 2,000 wedding and engagement ring samples to select from.

Worth & Douglas
Worth & Douglas
Worth & Douglas

What’s included? A selection of different kits are offered, including classic wedding bands, women’s diamond eternities, men’s two-toned, patterned or stone set rings and engagement rings. The bands are available in sterling silver, yellow or rose gold-plating or rhodium-plating and set with cubic zirconia.

In addition to the hard gold-plated collections, branded displays and POS for alternative metals like black zirconium, titanium and palladium are available.

Branded vs non-branded: W&D-branded collections are offered and retailers also have the option to feature their own business logo.

Additional services: In addition to a CAD service, rings can be customised/tailored to the customer’s preference. An engraving service is provided at no extra charge when placing a customised order.

Point of difference: The kits are not fixed, which means the retailer can customise a range that is unique to their store. They can choose the rings they wish to promote, the colour of the display and feature their own logo.

Consumer bridal fairs: Additional gold-plated ranges, brochures, posters and banners for use at bridal fairs are available.

Recent kit updates: Ziro, which is a men’s black zirconium collection, was launched last year and includes striking POS and a new unique tile display.

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Friday, 15 November, 2019 10:49am
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