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Petek Jewellery’s CAD/CAM model render
Petek Jewellery’s CAD/CAM model render

Petek Jewellery

Tools/Equipment – CAD/CAM Services

Petek Jewellery provides a CAD/CAM modelling service that allows for the previewing of jewellery designs as rendered representations and/or a printed model.

According to the supplier, the technology has provided jewellers with the ability to quickly turn around or price-out a job that otherwise might not meet the deadline or cost of a handmade item.

Having a digital design file serves as a good reference for future customer purchases and amendments. A preliminary wax model can be supplied and tested.

Sydney-based Petek Jewellery provides repair, CAD/CAM, design consultation and lapidary services. Natural Australian sapphires, both polished and rough, are also supplied.

More Information: Petek Jewellery

110B Union Street
NSW, Australia, 2043
Phone: 0415 947 747

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Sunday, 19 January, 2020 07:44pm
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