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Top Jewellery Trends

Jewellery trend forecast heats up

A new season is here, bringing with it a host of on-trend pieces to tempt the local market. Suppliers outline the key trends and inspirations influencing the fashion landscape.


“Trends are impacted by a combination of the fashion industry, social (customer behaviour) and the retail environment. We have our own in-house designers at Les Georgettes, and our main inspirations are nature, architecture, and of course, women. Our spring/summer collection of new cuffs with more vibrant leathers and vinyls have been really well received, and should be a great hit going into the brighter spring days.”


– Frederic Brunel Acquaviva, international vice president, Les Georgettes



“Earrings are this season’s fashion statement and they are without uniformity – dare to be different and mix it up! We love our Love Goes Round earrings, designed to be worn with two different earrings but also available as a uniform pair. We very carefully follow international fashion trends, especially with our growing European market. We are also seeing more demand for geometrically and precision-shaped pieces.”


– Helen Thompson-Carter, director, Fabuleux Vous




“A statement piece from the latest collection by Pernille Corydon is the Icon necklace. Available in sterling silver and gold-plated sterling silver, the item is iconic Danish simplicity at its very finest. Pernille did her first sketches of the new collection after a walk on the Golden Gate Bridge, where she was inspired by the iconic shapes and construction.”


– Debbie Faraday, creative director, Hipp



“The Buckley London AW17 collections are inspired by the iconic landmarks of London, playing tribute to the brand’s British heritage. The collections include classic profiles such as long crystal drops and snowball pendants that have been updated with contemporary elements. The Buckley London design team takes inspiration from the latest catwalk trends and also the wider environment, such as the geometric shapes found in architecture to the vivid colour of natural elements.”


– Jodie Tilia, director, JLM International




“This season is all about layering fine necklaces. We have a wide range of stunning fine necklets in sterling silver, rose gold plate and black rhodium plate that can be mixed and matched. This trend has been hot overseas, seeing many celebrities out and about wearing the layered necklet look. It’s a great way to create a wow factor without having to rely on heavy jewellery.”


– Janelle Wood, marketing co-ordinator, Stones and Silver


“The inspiration this season for our Jetset collection was summer vacations and exotic travel. Who doesn’t love escaping the everyday? From sparkling blue oceans to golden deserts, there is a look and style for everyone. The key trends that inspired this range were designs made for layering, new cherub pendants that slide over the necklace and art nouveau filigree detailing.”


– Kat Gee, designer and founder, Kagi





“Our new collection combines faceted natural turquoise and mother of pearl with an 18-carat gold vermeil finish over bright sterling silver. This bracelet is a standout piece for spring and works well alongside other pieces in the range such as drop earrings, rings and pendants. All over the world, current trends state that turquoise, silver and gold are strong partners – a classic match.”


– Josh Smith, owner and designer, Indiri


“Our latest collection features statement pieces incorporating my signature Scandinavian look. Items can be mixed as the wearer pleases – take the Miss Match earrings for example. I love to make designs that can be used in more than one way; it gives a lovely flexibility in personal styling and makes sure there’s always a nice piece to dress up any look.”


– Malene Storm, creative designer, Dansk Smykkekunst



“The new collection is all about the pearl. There’s an entire generation who’ve not experienced pearls as a modern piece in their wardrobe and we wanted to bring the pearl into their world in a way that’s relevant and interesting. We’ve used silver and gold banding on rings and earrings that suggest tiny strings of pearls and we’ve brought pearls into these pieces also to punctuate them. We’ve used only pink pearls to once again reinterpret the idea of what a pearl can be.”


– Karen Walker, designer and founder, Karen Walker Jewellery


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