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10 Years Ago: February 2008

A snapshot of the industry events that made news headlines in the February 2008 issue of Jeweller.
JAA and DCLA reunite

The story: The Diamond Grading Laboratory of Australia has agreed to cease its consumer promotional campaign, which criticises elements of the industry including the JAA.

The move is part of peace talks between the JAA and DCLA to reunite for the common good of the industry.

“The DCLA has agreed to the following: To immediately cease its traditional promotional campaign, to rejoin the JAA, to work closely with the JAA to bring to the JAA’s attention deceptive industry conduct.”

Calleija sets designs on exports

The story: The innovative jewellery of a Gold Coast based designer is set to shine brighter in European markets, thanks to a Smart State grant.

Regional Development and Industry Minister Desley Boyle recently announced a $47,500 grant to Calleija Jewellers to assist the company in develop a new export marketing strategy.

“Calleija Jewellers has been selling its designs to a number of overseas clients,” Boyle said.

“It has recently been awarded an exclusive commission to develop a range of jewellery for the prestigious English car company Aston Martin.”

Boyle highlighted that Calleija now had designed three ranges, which Aston Martin will exhibit at its London dealership and at buyer functions.

New technique takes guesswork out of opal mining

The story: Australian scientists have developed a new technique for detecting opals underground.

Professor Chadderton, of the Research School of Physical Sciences and Engineering at Australian National University, said the new technique could be a major boom for the opal mining industry.

“These discoveries have the immediate potential to revolutionise the way that exploration for precious opal is undertaken, and could pave the way for more cost-effective exploration, mining and continuity of supply,” he said.

Natural radiation emitted from the stones allows prospectors to “see” underground areas of high opal concentration to improve the detection process.

WA Jewellers celebrate design award wins

The story: The WA jewellery industry is fast becoming the country’s hub of jewellery design, with a solid number of designers from the state winning awards for their pieces and new design facilities being built to support them.

Nine of the 25 national finalists in the inaugural AGR Matthey Next Generation Design Competition were from WA.

According to Michael Dieckmann, JAA director for WA, the timing of this achievement could not have been better, with WA Central TAFE having just established a state-of-the-art jewellery studio in the heart of Perth.

Gold prices fly to record high internationally

The story: Gold’s appeal as a safe-haven investment saw the metal shoot to the record price of $US914 an ounce early last month.

“There is blue sky ahead of us and room for gold to go higher,” said Darren Heathcote of Investec Australia.

Other analysts predict that prices will break through $US1,000 an ounce this year. The price hike comes as a concern for retail jewellers around the world.





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