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My Bench : Kosta Theochari

Check out KOSTA THEOCHARI as he shares his thoughts about his job, being a jeweller.
Kosta Theochari

Works at: MDTdesign

Age: 32

Years in trade: 16 years

Training: Certificate III in jewellery manufacture

First job: MDTdesign in 2003

Other qualifications: Practical diamond grading

Favourite gemstone:

I am in love with all diamonds. My favourite is high colour fancy yellow, each stone is unique and individual.

Favourite metal:

I love working in platinum as it poses more challenges than gold. The weight, look and feel is so much nicer!

Favourite tool:

I love my saw frame, as it is very old and I keep replacing components to keep it alive.

Best new tool discovery:

Laser welder is a great piece of machinery to have, especially when it comes to delicate re-tips.

Best part of job:

Remaking customers’ old pieces into something new and modern, and giving their old stones a new look!

Worst part of job:

Customers needing an engagement ring yesterday.

Best tip from a jeweller:

Aim for every component of the ring to be 100 per cent perfect. If every component is only 98 per cent perfect you will end up with a ring only 50 per cent perfect.

Best tip to a jeweller:

Learn to set your own stones.

Love jewellery because:

It has so much meaning, and resembles important points of people’s lives.




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