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Australian Buying Group 2018: Showcase Jewellers

Members152 - Australia
26 - New Zealand
1 - Vanuatu
Stores212 - Australia
23 - New Zealand
1 - Vanuatu
Board5 board members
MissionJIMACO (Showcase Jewellers) provides members with programs, systems, resources, tools and professional services to enable them to maximise their individual business objectives



What are the prerequisites for joining?
Integrity is one of the greatest qualities we look for in a member. Operating a fine jewellery store with high standards in presentation and service is preferred.

What are the benefits of joining?

  • No management fees
  • Retain your own name/brand
  • Maximum supplier discount passed on directly to the retailer
  • Unbeatable insurance and EFTPOS rates
  • A world leading fully customisable, mobile ready, e-commerce platform (including B2B) for retailers as well as integration of the Retail Edge POS system
  • In-house product photography, videos and free image libraries for all digital requirements
  • Free ARA membership (and the equivalent HR resource for our NZ members)
  • Access to exclusive diamond brands, including exclusive rights to certified Argyle white diamonds and the world leading lab-grown diamond facility for those members interested
  • World-class e-learning, complete with videos, certified courses and templates on everything HR or WHS related
  • Jewellery apps, incorporating social media integration and a focus on driving sales
  • Professional and customisable POS marketing material to suit the retailer
  • Fully franked dividends and returns on trading loans for our members
  • Free internal retailing, diamond and digital experts to assist our retailers in every step of their retail journey

What unique benefits are offered?
JIMACO is a member-owned and operated buying group that operates exclusively for independent jewellery retailers. All profits go back to our members.

What have been Showcase’s major achievements over the past two years?

  • First group to embrace and lock in the Australian Diamond program with an exclusive partnership with Rio-Tinto
  • Members now receive fully-franked dividends
  • Members also continue to receive a return on their trading loan
  • B2B and member website rollout built in the same platform as Google and YouTube but fully customisable to suit many different stores and styles
  • Continued success of the diamond brand Passion8 (cinema advertising, digital following)
  • Exclusive rights to lab grown diamonds through the ALTR brand for those interested
  • Launching a catalogue facility that is fully customisable where individuals can upload their stock and create their own pages, making it specifically tailored to them.

Has your traditional marketing changed in the past two years?
Traditional media still plays an important role – not as high volume, but more quality. We also present every campaign in a full digital package, making it easier for our members to use everything across most channels. Everything we do is also mobile device friendly.

How have you improved your B2C online and social media marketing strategy?
The organic growth and engagement of our own social media sites is testament to the focus in this area. Members can now fully integrate their social media platforms with their websites, and their Retail Edge Consultants POS system. We now also assist members with Google myBusiness and other necessities.

What B2B and internal digital technology have you recently implemented?
We are already well equipped in global e-commerce and B2B. Our members can create their own m-commerce (commercial mobile phone transactions), and a geo-fenced fully customisable app for their business. Basically this works with push technology: when our members’ customers go near a competitor or shopping centre, it will send them a push notification offering a free product or service to temp them to the store. We can also make Facebook and Instagram videos, plus image downloads are free for members.

What other kind of promotional support do you offer members?
Our marketing team and creative agency partners are committed to tailoring marketing solutions for members. This is in addition to our core-marketing program catering to major selling periods. Resources available include social media, EDMs, billboards, cinema advertising, television commercials, catalogues, radio and newspaper.

How do you support local designers/ manufacturers?
We’re really proud of the JAA Designer Awards we put on last year. We will also be looking at another strategy shortly to further support our talented jewellers and designers.

What is the cost of membership?
There’s no start-up membership fee. At Showcase you become far more than ‘just a member’. You become a shareholder who shares all the benefits.

How have you improved your training and education in the past two years?
We’ve created online courses in collaboration with external certified training bodies. We have a massive, ever-growing online retail staff induction facility. The tool is customisable and guides new employees through policies and procedures, product and sales courses with video instruction and questionnaires. There’s also a massive HR database.



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Suite 4, Level 1
550 Princes Highway
NSW, Australia, 2232
Email: tellmemore@showcasejewellers.com.au
Web: www.showcasejewellers.com.au

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