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Australian Buying Group 2018: Nationwide Jewellers

Members335 - Australia
70 - New Zealand
1 - Fiji
Stores393 - Australia
75 - New Zealand
4 - Fiji
Board2 board members
MissionTo assist independent jewellery stores increase their market share and profits.



What are the prerequisites for joining?
Members must operate a retail jewellery store and have satisfactory credit references. Most new stores are recommended to us by suppliers or existing Nationwide members.

What are the benefits of joining?

  • We provide a written guarantee that retailers will be more profitable if they join Nationwide. It doesn’t matter whether they have always been independent or were in another group
  • Free access to our Industry Best Practice Programme, which assists members to fine tune their business, and increase profits and cash flow
  • Exclusive branded merchandise collections
  • Overseas travel and free conferences
  • Education and training courses
  • An extensive range of professional marketing material and promotions
  • Nothing is compulsory – retailers maintain their complete independence

What unique benefits are offered?

  • We are the only group that does not charge fees or levies
  • We offer up to $150,000 per year interest free finance to each retailer to spend at trade fairs and Nationwide events
  • Our Antwerp marketing program has increased diamond sales by more than $100,000 per year for many members
  • Free annual conference for all retailers earning reward status
  • We recognise the importance of marketing to your strength – your independence – which is why all of our services are designed to assist jewellers to not only maintain their independence, but to maximise the benefits of being an independent jeweller. Members select only what works for them.

What have been Nationwide’s major achievements in the past two years?

  • The restructure of our Industry Best Practice Programme, allowing us to assist a greater number of members to substantially improve their business performance
  • Our presentations to members on how the industry is dramatically changing, and the solutions to ensure that they prosper in this ‘new normal’ business environment
  • The launch of our online Business College, which features training courses and product knowledge to name just a few.

Has your traditional marketing changed in the past two years?
We still produce Christmas catalogues as well as POS material for other promotions. Most of our promotions are also available in a digital format. Our graphic artists create various individual marketing material for members to use in print and/or social media – and it is a free service.

How have you improved your B2C online and social media marketing strategy?
We updated our member websites and at the same time made them mobile friendly. Any member can have their own e-commerce website for only $2,900, charged over 12 months. All online purchases transactions are completed at Nationwide’s head office. The retail margin is credited to the relevant member with no work required by store staff.

What B2B and internal digital technology have you recently implemented?
A new member-only website was launched in September 2017. It gives members 24/7 access to their account, to our preferred supplier and product information, and a wide range of resource material. The free resources cover areas such as marketing, business guides, award pay rates, employment agreements, upcoming events and more.

What other kind of promotional support do you offer members?
Our in-house marketing team develops exclusive marketing tools linked to key promotional periods. Individualised marketing calendars can be created on request for stores and POS material is continually produced to highlight current best-selling product.

Members also have access to an online marketing and promotional library, from which they can select promotions and ideas.

Our graphic design service is free of charge and staff constantly work to fine-tune concepts and create exclusive promotions for individual stores to use.

How do you support local designers/ manufacturers?
Over the past eight years we have given apprentices more than $120,000 in tool vouchers. We conduct an annual skill-based contest for apprentices, with the winner receiving our Apprentice of the Year award.

At the International Jewellery Fair and at our conference, we conduct CAD training workshops. We are in the process of launching a major initiative to help members promote their design and manufacturing services to a wider audience.

What is the cost of membership?
Absolutely nothing – and there are no joining fees, monthly agency fees, marketing levies or security deposits.

How have you improved your training and education in the past two years?
At the International Jewellery Fair in 2017, we had Nationwide members share their skills and help train fellow members in social media marketing, and in using Countersketch International software.

Our hands-on diamond workshops now include sessions on lab-grown diamonds and treatments. These sessions have a direct impact on sales, and were so popular that we are running further sessions at the 2018 conference.



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