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Australian Buying Group 2018: Leading Edge Group Jewellers

Members135 - Australia
3 - New Zealand
Stores195 - Australia
23 - New Zealand
Board5 board members
MissionThe Leading Edge Group aspires to be the champion of independent businesses throughout Australia. Our mission is to help our members grow in a highly challenging retail environment. We do this by enabling profitable relationships between members and suppliers, and providing highly valuable retail coaching and marketing services.



What are the prerequisites for joining?
Our application process consists of standard trade checks and proof of assets. We look to partner with retailers who are dedicated to building a successful fine jewellery business and eager to be part of a like-minded community. Honesty and ethical trading are fundamental requirements.

What are the benefits of joining?
As part of Australia’s largest buying group, with 950 independent retailers across 11 industries, our members are part of a community of retail specialists. Membership benefits include:

  • Supplier discounts - Australia’s most cost effective supplier agreements
  • Central billing / credit – exclusive, simple online invoicing and central billing facilities
  • Marketing programs – opt-in online and offline programs focused on delivering tangible sales results
  • Access to our market-leading e-commerce website platform, Everybuy
  • Non-trade benefits – saving up to thousands annually on insurance, freight, EFTPOS merchant rates and more
  • Retail coaching – access to our jewellery retail coaches for stock ranging, merchandising, financial planning, management & staff training and store design
  • Conferences & events – designed to inspire, motivate, educate and build communities

What unique benefits are offered?
Our advantage lies in the practical application of our extensive retail and marketing knowledge. We enable our members to grow in a challenging environment, by providing coaching and services that ensures stores are designed and merchandised for optimum return; an online presence that increases both online and in-store sales; and marketing programs that provide tangible sales results.

What have been Leading Edge’s major achievements over the past two years?
We have been particularly fortunate to have two record years of growth in new members. We have continued to invest heavily in digital marketing, and are proud to offer all members what we believe is the most comprehensive traditional and digital marketing support package in the industry.

Has your traditional marketing changed in the past two years?
Traditional marketing has declined in the past two years because jewellery consumer behaviour has changed. There is still a role for traditional programs, however they must now be part of an omni-channel. Our members need to have their brands seen throughout the consumer’s path to purchase, and that means we must enter new communications channels.

How have you improved your B2C online and social media marketing strategy?
Our e-commerce platform is constantly being optimised for both user experience and SEO. The marketing services we provide will be focused on developing and executing strategies for each member’s unique needs. We will combine the best platforms with targeted and effective marketing strategies and services to grow our members businesses in this highly challenging environment.

What B2B and internal digital technology have you recently implemented?
Our B2B ordering portal is critical for enabling effective management of our member’s stock. It acts as a one-stop shop between our supply partners and members, and integrates with our e-commerce website, removing the need for manual uploading of product data. We have also implemented a custom catalogue system.

What other kind of promotional support do you offer members?
Our members have access to both set marketing campaigns focused on the major occasions, as well as ad-hoc marketing and in-store sales services based on their individual needs. These are a complete package of catalogue, POS material, social media and website assets. Our ad-hoc services include managed digital strategies and campaigns, store-specific promotional offerings, interest-free payment campaigns, remake/remodeling campaigns, diamond specific marketing and an array of direct marketing offers that support the target demographic of member stores.

How do you support local jewellery manufacturers?
We focus on being ‘hands on’ with our supply partners by tailoring offers specific to our members. We use our conferences to work with industry professionals and share new opportunities. We also sponsor and promote many industry awards and events.

What is the cost of membership?
There are no joining fees, exit fees, or any lock-in contracts. We have an $89 per month membership fee (first 6 months of membership are free).

How have you improved your training and education in the past 2 years?
The prime focus of our buying group model is to provide hands-on training to members. In the past two years we have formalised our store management training package, and have continued to build on our exhaustive member benefits tool kit. In addition, we have partnered with Friedman Group to provide a permanent staff sales and management training package that is available online 24/7, free of charge.


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