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Australian Buying Group Report 2018

Retail buying groups began as a way for different businesses to band together to source better prices and products as a collective. It was also was a way to gain a competitive edge over your rival however, in today’s digital age your ‘local competitor’ is just as likely to be overseas.

Worse, small business owners now find themselves competing with international online giants as well as chain stores, which has meant that local retailers must continually innovate.

In addition, the changing marketplace has meant that Australia’s three jewellery buying groups have had to refocus their strategies to accommodate shifting consumer shopping habits and, what many now call, the ‘new normal’ of retail trade.

Has there ever been a greater need for birds of a feather to flock together?

Jeweller’s 2018 biennial Buying Group Report offers some answers.

Access Jeweller’s comprehensive 11-page 2018 Buying Group Report by clicking below.

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Saturday, 24 August, 2019 11:44pm
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