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My Bench

My Bench: Jon Ashford

JON ASHFORD shares his best tip: "Always be kind to your mother."

Works at: Charles Rose Jewellers

Age: 56

Years in trade: 39 years

Training: Apprenticeship

First job: S. Weintrop & Son, Johannesburg

Favourite gemstone:

Ceylon sapphire but in conjunction with diamonds, as it’s a stone for all occasions and always looks dressy.

Favourite metal:

Rose gold. It has a lustre and warmth that you can’t achieve with other metals.

Favourite tool:

The humble hammer – it’s amazing what can be achieved with a few hearty wacks. In all seriousness, it’s extremely versatile in shaping metal and even as a setting aid.

Best part of job:

Finishing off a piece of jewellery and being 100 per cent satisfied with it!

Worst part of job:

The worst part of the job is the interruptions.

Best tip from a jeweller:

Always be kind to your mother.

Best tip to a jeweller:

There is no such word as can’t.

Biggest health concern on the bench:

That would definitely be my eyesight.

Love jewellery because:

Every piece is unique, and there is something for everyone’s particular taste.

My bench is always:

Messy – I’m always busy! Before I know it it’s the end of the day and everyone is abandoning ship and there is no time for cleanup.




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