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Evotech Pacific's stainless steel torch shaped pendant
Evotech Pacific's stainless steel torch shaped pendant

Evotech Pacific

Evotech promises new technological innovations for jewellers.

Evotech Pacific has released two new software programs to assist manufacturing and retail jewellers.

The Evotech Marketplace enables retail jewellers to upload a brief of their requirements, including images and sketches. The brief can then be distributed to registered designers who can view it and provide a quote. Registration to the marketplace is free for both retailers and designers.

The Evotech Vendor Store enables jewellers, who don’t have a website or don’t have an e-commerce facility on their sites, to put up their own e-commerce web store. Retailers can register their business names and upload images of their pieces to then use the Vendor store to sell these pieces.

Evotech Pacific offers services to the jewellery industry such as CAD/CAM, manufacturing and casting, laser engraving and software training for the Gemvision range of technology solutions.

More Information: Evotech Pacific's full range

PO Box 193
QLD, Australia, 4502
Phone: 07 3889 1666

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Saturday, 21 September, 2019 03:02pm
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