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Evotech Pacific's 3D model
Evotech Pacific's 3D model


Evotech's marketplace helps jewellers connect.

Evotech Marketplace and Evotech Vendor are two programs currently available to manufacturers and casting experts through Evotech Pacific. 

The Evotech Marketplace is an online community where customers can find designers and services to create for them, allowing them to create their own portfolio and source jobs from the industry easily and efficiently.

Evotech Pacific now offers a high resolution model service bureau, utilising both Subtractive RP (Milling), and Additive RP (3D Printing).

Evotech Pacific offers services to the jewellery industry such as CAD/CAM, manufacturing and casting, laser engraving and software training for the Gemvision range of technology solutions.

More Information: Evotech Pacific's full range

PO Box 193
QLD, Australia, 4502
Phone: 07 3889 1666

Monday, 20 May, 2019 10:46pm
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